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Modest, Comfortable, Confident Swimwear from Modest Mermaid Swimwear

Are you looking for a modest way to enjoy the summer sun? Modest Mermaid Swimwear has beautiful solutions for you!

Modest Mermaid Swimwear mixes fashion with modesty to allow women and girls to feel and look amazing while maintaining modesty. We are an all-inclusive brand and have swimwear for every BODY. Modest Mermaid Swimwear is fashionable swimwear that unlocks joy and confidence to enjoy your summer.

Emily, CEO and Founder of Modest Mermaid Swimwear is a mum of two kids living in Melbourne Australia. She used to be a buyer for global fashion brands, but when she had her first baby she found herself searching for more modest fashionable swimwear options and found a huge gap in the market that needed to be filled. She believes all women and girls should have options to look and feel confident while remaining modest. I couldn’t agree more!!

Modest Mermaid Swimwear is fashionable and flattering with a classic A-line shape that doesn't cling to the body. They have designed swimwear for you to have freedom and sun protection with SPF50+.

Modest Mermaid Swimwear knows you have lots on your plate and therefore has made swimwear easy for you to put on and feel comfortable and confident so you can enjoy precious time in the sun with your family and friends. They want you to feel empowered and amazing every time you go to the beach.

My porcelain-skinned14 year old absolutely LOVES her Modest Mermaid Swimwear! She likes that it not only covers most of her sun-sensitive skin but also provides SPF coverage so she spends less time getting ready to get on the beach or splash in the pool. On our beach trip, she felt confident and beautiful. I am so thankful she has found something she likes. 

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