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Spark Creativity with Kidpod's GrafiTape

There is an inner artist in every kid … this art set’s projector just helps them to reveal it. This drawing set promises to keep your child entertained for years … because they can always create new wall stickers and peel off the old ones, creating a room d├ęcor that fits their age and style.

Kipod Toys specializes in designing premium sustainable kids' toys that inspire creativity and imagination

and help develop fine motor skills. The kipod sketch set will help kids improve their educational skills and

out-of-the-box creative thinking ability. GrafiTape arts and crafts for girls and boys (and even adults) set is

an award-winning, high-quality toy that really is fun for all ages. At Kipod Toys, They believe in creating

educational stem toys that add quality – and excitement – to your family time.

Here’s how GrafiTape drawing kit works: Kids draw or copy on the tracing pad, place the slide on the

projector, and project their painting on the wall, door, or closet. Then they place the Washi tape on the

projected lines and create cool art.

My daughter enjoyed drawing her design and making it with the washi tape on the wall. We got a new kitten, so she was inspired to make a likeness to Hope. It turned out so stinking cute! The light projects best when it is in a dark space. The kit has various sizes of Washi tapes that won’t leave a mark on your walls.

The Kipod kids projector set is the ultimate gift for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, or when you just want to say "I love you" to your little one.

Want it? Get it!

Check out kipod's variety of educational toys and purchase them for summer fun for your kiddo on their website or Amazon storefront!

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