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I'll Just be in the Garden


It's early morning- just before 6:30. I've already been awake for two hours. The rest of my family is asleep, dreaming their sleepy heads off. In a way, I envy them. Their ability to rest is something I long for, yet true rest and much-needed sleep usually evade me. The sun is out, and temperatures are still cool. I've had two cups of coffee, folded a load of laundry, straightened the living room, and cleaned up any lingering stray items left around the downstairs of our home from the day before. I've worked a bit, my mind longing for a break. 

From the window, I can see the garden we put in this spring. Our newest garden is filled with four transplanted rose bushes, foxglove, coreopsis, blue salvia, lantana, mini roses, and lavender. The roses are gently dancing, their delicate petals smiling toward the sun. At the fountain, birds are splashing and chirping as they dart back and forth between the bird feeders. A pair of cardinals act as king and queen of our little flock, and my, are they regal.

Over to the right, the butterfly garden is waiting to be bathed in the gentle morning sunlight. The coneflower petals are springing forth, splashing their showy colors of orange and pink against the brick wall behind them. The heirloom tomatoes, with their vibrant hues mirroring the blossoms around, thrive in anticipation of the day's warmth. Zinnias await a morning drink of water as their cheery heads keep growing up, up, up. A deep purple butterfly bush dangles new blooms in front of potential visitors like hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, and butterflies. Lantana pops like firecrackers with bright pink and orange blossoms, beckoning sweet garden friends.

Around the corner, the shade garden starts waking up. Hostas pave the way for a glorious backdrop as impatients add little bits of color to an otherwise green border. Creeping Jenny creeps along, creating a wave-like carpet of pillowing green. Purple Shield defends its new home, showing its stripes to all who pass by. Autumn Sunset grows tall and wide, ready to flower in the coming weeks. 

Moving along, the verbena grows low among the hydrangeas, new and old. Big, beautiful blue and purple flowerheads bring a dreamy touch to our cottage garden. Speedwell grows out wirey, almost like tentacles, offering the bumble bees a source of pollen all summer long.

Inside my home, there are things to do, furniture to dust, items to organize, boxes to unpack, but the garden... it calls to me. For as much as I have labored with my husband to create it, it has become a place of solace and rest. So this morning, if you need me, I'll just be in the garden.

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