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Five Things to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

Traveling with your family? Here are five things you need in your arsenal to help keep your kids entertained on a road trip.

When I am traveling with my kids, it's usually a solo gig since my hubby can't easily take off of work. I am always looking for ways to keep my two entertained on our drive so that I can focus on the road. My mom, the kids, and I are currently visiting my grandma in South Carolina, about a three hour drive from us. These five things came with us on our journey. 

1. An LCD Doodle board 

One of our friends got her kids drawing boards like these. I thought they were the coolest things and ordered some for my two. They use them all the time, even outside of roadtrips. 

I used to make my own building blocks container for roadtrips with Dollar Tree's version of Legos. Now that my son is older, he has become a "Lego Snob" and only prefers Lego brand building blocks. You can often find this Lego suitcase on sale on Amazon. I got one for each of the kids to have while riding on trips and they both love to build awesome creations.

My kids love to draw, so I got them this neat doodle book. The pages are erasable and your kids can choose which doodles to save and which to wipe clean. This one has really been a hit on this trip. 

We got the older version of this Amazon Fire Kids Tablet four years ago for our kid's first roadtrip to Canada. We have since replaced them due to normal wear and tear with this newer edition. As with many of the electronics on Amazon, you can get a great deal on these. We snagged ours for half off the regular price and it has been a great upgrade from the ones they originally got. My two love the games that come already on the tablet, but you can also download their other favorite streaming apps like Youtube and Disney+.


When my son gets hungry, he is not pleasant to be around. We always joke with him about his "hanger" that occurs if he doesn't eat for a little while. I always have snacks on hand so that "Hangry J-bug" doesn't come with us on our trips. I usually make my own snack bins at home and take them with us, but you can find snack boxes like this one on Amazon and at Sam's Club.

What are your favorite things to bring for your kids on a road trip?

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