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Thanks Central Perk, for sending over these great coffees, in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Aah, blessed summer. This time to travel, to connect with friends, to drink up the beautiful rays of sunshine still needs as much caffeinated days as those in the long winter months.  Regardless if you are living the dream or if you are constantly having to "pivot" life, Central Perk Coffee is there for you. 

Central Perk has pleasing flavors of coffee that will be sure to plop you onto your favorite couch with your favorite people. Perhaps, you will even discover that it IS your day, your week, your month, and even your year! No matter who is there with you, Central Perk coffee is ready to help you share moments with your friends and family. 

Currently, Central Perk offers single serve, beans, and ground coffee options. Blends include dark, medium, and espresso roasts using creative titles expressed during the many seasons of Friends. Central Perk sent over their 3 newest blends for me to try out: Moo Point, Oh my Gawd, and Gunther Espresso.

Moo Point is decaf coffee with a medium roast. For all of you non-caffeine drinkers out there, I get it.. I know you can't sleep after a certain point, your you might need decaf because of your blood pressure, but me, personally... I need that caffeine, so this one isn't for me. It tastes fine but without that spark of energy exuding forth from my brain, it is all a "moo point". Oh Joey Tribbiani, how we miss you.. but it's true, it doesn't matter (for me!). For you-Moo point might be amazing!

Next up on the list is Oh My Gawd. One will never forget Janice's catchphrase in her screechy voice. But this coffee will certainly have you proclaiming "Oh My Gawd" at every sip you take. It's meant to be a cold brew- but honestly, I don't like cold brew coffees. Give me that delicious warmth and heat. So, I've been drinking it as such, and it is a medium roast that I don't think I can break up from. Its notes say it contains butterscotch, chocolate, citrus, and molasses. It is silky smooth and sweet, but not in that over baring kills my stomach type of sweet way that some coffees can be. Honestly, it's been my preferred go-to lately and doesn't seem to mess too much with my digestive issues in the morning!

Finally, if you need a bolt of lightning running through you, Gunther! Espresso is for you! Gunther's over the top sarcasm and lightning quick reflexes prove that this coffee is for the one who needs that extra energy to make it through the day. You will quickly imagine that Gunther is bringing a warm cup of Joe directly to you full of a smoky caramel, dark and bold, flavor. Just like Gunther's love for Rachel lives on, so will your love for this espresso. Note; this is in whole beans so be sure to have a bean grinder handy!

My favorite out of these three was hands down Oh My Gawd. I love the taste and the goodness that smoothly goes down to give me the energy I need to deal with the antics that happen in life. Just like Central Perk was a place of refuge for all the Friend's characters, Central Perk will be your refuge to find solace amid a cup of coffee.

Central Perk has more flavors to remind you of the "one that".. Whatever it may be, the one that brings you joy and the one that feeds your taste buds is the coffee flavor you should go with! I would love to try out How You Doin? and Pivot sometime in the future as I have a tendency to stick with medium and light roasts. 

Central Perk offers one-time purchases and subscriptions, so you can keep finding the blend you love and enjoy it best with friends! 

Want it? Get it!

Grab the 3-pack of new Central Perk coffee flavors via one-time purchase or subscription! 

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What Friends-Based Flavor would you love to see Central Perk come up with?

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