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What Your Child's Teacher Really Wants For Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021: What you need to know | ABC4 Utah

Teacher Appreciation Week takes places the first full week of May each year. Teacher Appreciation Day lands on the Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation Week. Need some ideas of what to get someone who spends most of their days with your kiddo? Here are five things I guarantee your child's teacher would love.

As a teacher, it always warms my heart when administration and parents remember Teacher Appreciation Week. I think I can speak for every teacher when I say when May comes around, we are worn out and ready for a break. This recognition helps to put a little steam in our tanks to finish the year off strong. 

So many times I've been asked if I can help come up with ideas of what to get someone's kid's teacher. I usually say, "Anything is appreciated," because it really is. The fact that we as teachers are simply thought of counts more than anything in the world. If you're wanting a tangible list of things, you're in luck. I've gone around and asked my coworkers what they'd like as gifts and here are the things we all agree would be things we would love. 


 Let's face it, most teachers run on this bean fuel. Some of us would hook it to an IV if we could.  Those who don't enjoy a cup of java typically enjoy a beverage of some sort- tea, juice, soda, etc. Trust me, anything that keeps your kid's teacher going like the little engine that could is much appreciated. 

Another beverage idea- I've actually received a bottle of wine with one of my student's face on it that said "This is the reason you drink". It was the funniest thing ever.  We got a good laugh out of it. If you do opt for wine though, make sure to check out the alcohol regulations for your school's campus. You might have to meet your teacher outside of school hours to give that one.


Like a good cuppa, we also enjoy good food. Most of the time, I forget to bring my lunch, so I find myself starving throughout the day - looking for something to snack on and then rushing to and from somewhere to get lunch in the short lunch break I have. I know your child's teacher would love to be treated to lunch one day this week. You could always drop something off or even order door dash for them. Be sure to check for allergies first though!


Find out where your special teacher likes to eat, shop, or frequent in general, and get them a gift card to that place. I recently got a couple of gift cards from students for my birthday and it felt so great to go in and get what I wanted. As a mom, I sometimes find that I neglect my wants and only focus on the family's needs and my kids' wants. When you're given a gift card for something you enjoy, it often takes the stress and guilt off of using what's budgeted within your means and allows you to treat yourself. 


Personalized gifts- whether your child makes their teacher something and shares what they love about them, or you get a personalized journal for them to use in whatever season of life they are in, a personalized touch goes a long way.


Most parents don't realize that most teachers usually share lunch duty along with other responsibilities they take on every day. In the past we've had parents volunteer to sit with our students while we have time as staff to eat and chat. It doesn't seem like much, but it's always a treat to have extra time in the day to breathe. Check with your school's principal and find out how you can offer this for your teacher. Even better, this one is free!

I know however you choose to express your gratitude to your child's teacher, it will be so appreciated to know they are loved and valued. 

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