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Trying New Things- A Year of Firsts


Our family has just wrapped up a year of firsts. We've completed our first year in a different part of the county, the kids wrapped up their first year in a new school, and B just finished his first year of piano lessons. 

While he's an older first-year piano student, he did remarkably well in his recital. He has an ear for music of all kinds, and while he really wants to learn to play guitar, we told him that our desire was for him to start out with piano for a strong foundation. Right now, the kids' school doesn't really have a music program, which is something I hope will change soon. The kids are exposed to musical opportunities through the church, but as for actually playing instruments, we knew it would be up to us to get them started. B resisted us for years on piano lessons and finally gave in after becoming obsessed with Hamilton and wanting to be able to play songs from the hit show. With practice, he really has a good chance of becoming a talented pianist.

I'm proud of the ways my kids picked up their lives and adapted to new surroundings and adventures this school year. While they're both happy for a break from school, I know they will both miss certain things over the summer- one being piano lessons! We'll just keep on practicing all summer long.

What new thing(s) did you or someone in your family try this school year?

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