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Send the Best Mother's Day Gift With Cheese Brothers "World's Cheesiest Mom" Giftbox


Thanks to Cheese Brothers for sending over this great gift box in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own. 

Growing up, I disliked cheese. Granted, most of the cheese in our house was processed American Cheese. Nothing against Kraft, but there are far better cheeses out in the world! My eyes were opened through study abroad in France, through various adventures when I lived in England, and different types of experiences I've had in the states. My favorite types of cheeses are usually creamy and great with different jams and crackers!

This Mother's Day, spread the gift of Cheese from Wisconsin based Cheese Brothers. For some reason, Wisconsin Cheese is so good! Maybe it's the dairy, the cows, the weather.. who knows, but Cheese Brothers has the best types of cheese that any mom will love!

Spread the love with the "World's Cheesiest Mom" Mother's Day Gift Basket. This basket is filled with 4 cheeses, 2 jams, and 1 honey with honey dipper to entice any mom's taste buds! No matter whether it's a charcuterie board, a sandwich, or a salad topping, this box is filled with cheeses that will please mom!

I was particularly excited to test out the cheese with jams. Not having any crackers in the house, I decided to make some biscuits, and I was NOT disappointed. A garlic biscuit combined with Cheese Brothers Rhapsody and the two types of jams was a great treat.  Rhapsody is a combination of Parmesan and cheddar, which is why it pairs so well with the garlic biscuits I made! 

The Harvest Havarti Dill Cheese was next up on the list to try out. This dill based buttery cheese pairs GREAT with the two jams that Cheese Brothers sent over: Peach Berry Jalapeño and Raspberry Jalapeño. Each jam's sweetness is countered with the slight kick that the jalapeño gives it, making the dill in the cheese stand out even more. Normally I hate jalapeño based products, so I was hesitant, but there is enough sweetness to counter it. I even loved it with the honey, as seen in the photo below! 

Next up, the Hygge Helga Havarti turned out to be one of my favorites! This is a creamy cheese that spreads well and pairs excellent with both the provided honey and jams. I love Havarti on almost everything! 

Finally, the Mozzarella in the box proved to be excellent as well. This is a smoked cheese that is perfect with charcuterie meats. Or, it can be shredded and used on homemade pizzas, pastas, and more! 

All the cheese selections in this specific gift box were of the creamy variety, mostly on the "sweeter" side rather than sharper or spicy types of cheeses. Those are available so if they are your mom's preference, be sure to check out the entire selection of cheeses from Cheese Brothers!

Cheese Brothers cheeses are shipped with cold packs to aid their safety during shipment (especially during warmer months). The cheeses are sent in factory sealed packages that will last 8–12 months unopened in the fridge. Freezing is not recommended. These cheeses do not spoil easily unless they are opened, but you do want to refrigerate immediately upon arrival. 

No matter whether it's this "World's Cheesiest Mom Gift" or a different selection, any mom will absolutely love receiving a gift from Cheese Brothers this Mother's Day! Be sure to check out all the great cheese selections, cheesy gift boxes, and jams/ honeys! There are some other special Mother's Day packages that would allow mom to create their own charcuterie board, sample various cheeses, or even indulge in glorious Cheese Brothers Gourmet Cheese sticks. Create the perfect gift for the cheese lover in your life with Cheese Brothers products! 

Want it? Get it!

Grab the Cheese Brothers World's Cheesiest Mom basket or create your own unique gift for Mother's Day! 

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What's your favorite type of cheese?

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