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How to Practice Speaking a Foreign Language on Your Own

Having a tutor or a language-learning buddy is a great option. However, sometimes you need to study on your own. If speaking in a foreign language is your priority, this task may seem challenging. Don’t worry! Language experts from Lingomee shared with us how you can practice speaking a foreign language, even if you have no one to do it with!

Read Aloud 

A great way to practice speaking is by reading a book or a newspaper aloud. You can start with texts that you are familiar with in English to be sure you understand what it is about. Beginners should start with simple and short texts. If you feel more advanced in the language, you can choose anything that looks appealing to you. 

By reading, you not only learn speaking but also discover the way that words are spelled and can improve your comprehension of sentence structures. You also get more confident with talking in a foreign language. 

Talk to Yourself 

If you don’t have a language buddy, try to talk to yourself. It might feel weird to you at the beginning, but with time you will realize that it is a great way to learn a language. There is no one to judge you, so you can practice in peace. Try to say one word a few times until you feel comfortable with speaking aloud. 

Use a Language App 

Many language apps give you an opportunity to repeat the vocabulary that you practice. Use this option to repeat and better memorize the words you just learned. This way you can also verify if you say them correctly, and then in the future use them properly in conversation. Remember that the better your speech is, the more understood you will be while talking with natives. So be sure to not skip those exercises even if you feel self-conscious. Of course you don’t have to do your daily classes in front of tons of people. Start alone, so you can first get used to your own voice and how you sound in the language you are learning. 

Explore Voice-to-Text Option 

Perhaps you noticed that there is a voice-to-text feature available on many devices, including phones and laptops. Explore it and use it for language learning. Instead of typing text, say it to the microphone of your device. Then verify how well the device understood what you were trying to say. Don’t forget to change the language on your device to the one you are practicing. 

Don’t Forget to Listen 

Before you start speaking, you need to know the rules of saying particular letters and words. Because of that, while you learn how to speak in a foreign language you need to remember about listening exercises. Try to listen to words and sentences, for example on your language app, and right after, repeat what you heard. This method allows you to get more familiar with spoken language, as well as improve your vocabulary, speaking skills, and even accent. 

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