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Home Reno Update: We Finally Moved In!


We have exciting news! We officially moved into our house last Friday. Well, we've moved a good deal of our belongings in, and we've been occupying our home for the past week. It's great to be back in our own space and have room to spread out over almost 3000 sq ft. Keeping up with where all three kids are at any given time in this house is challenging! 

While we're getting used to the space in our new home, we're also trying to get used to a lot of other things, like traffic and noise. Trading in a neighborhood for Main Street USA life is very different, although, our previous neighborhood was also busy, loud, and sandwiched in between very busy and high-traffic main roads through town. Our new house is on a corner of two (busier-than-we-realized) roads. It wouldn't be bothersome if it wasn't for obnoxiously loud diesel trucks and motorcycles with blaring music at all hours of the day (and night!). We've already spent time reviewing town laws and ordinances and plan to try to get the town involved in slowing down traffic and upholding the laws.

We're constantly saying that it takes people who care to revitalize not only old homes but parts of towns that are often overlooked. We are those people. We care- about our town, its residents, and the health and well-being of our family and the families who live around us. In the meantime, we're doing our best to soundproof our home in ways we know will be effective- weather stripping, adding new storm doors, replacing old windows, etc. Soon, we'll add our privacy fence and evergreens to our property. More landscaping will help dampen some of the road noise, too.

While we are getting used to more noise and traffic, we're happily unpacking and rediscovering things we've been missing for the past year. The kids are thrilled to be back in their own rooms, and have extra rooms to play in. Our kitchen will soon be put together, so we're having fun working around cooking meals with our air fryer and a double electric burner, which we set up in our butler's pantry as a makeshift kitchen.

While we're living in the midst of chaos, we're planning on having our family over for a cookout on Mother's Day. Crazy? Maybe, but we'll survive. It's just kind of how we're used to operating right now. At any rate, we're looking forward to hosting our family in our new home for the first time.

That's what's new in our neck of the woods. What's new in yours?

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