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Good News! These Bikinis Are On Trend This Summer


Good news for all of us who dread bearing it all at the beach or pool - a very flattering style for all body shapes is on trend for this summer! You can call it "retro" but high waisted bikini bottoms and full coverage tops are making a splash this season. Why is this good news you ask? Simply put: Long legs and tummy control = your best bathing suit ever!
We may still be trying our best to shape up for the summer but this bathing suit has our back (and our front). Some of our "most generous" areas to style as women in our middle age are our midsection and our thighs. The high waisted bikini bathing suit cinches our midsection like shapewear - giving a flattering silhouette and hiding our c-section scars and mommy-tummies. Hey, I'm not knocking our battle scars - we earned them - and flaunt them if you want to! But if you would prefer to opt for a more incognito look, the high waisted bikini bottom is for you!

Another great feature of this trendy look is the hi-cut leg that is available with many of the high waisted bottoms. If you don't already know, let me introduce you to your new best friend - the hi-cut bikini bottom! I grew up thinking hi-cut was for old ladies - and maybe it is... maybe I AM the old lady now... - but I digress. The truth is: hi-cut means long legs. Are you getting the picture now? We are talking snatched, cinched waists and legs for days. 

This mix-and-match style is a much more versatile swim suit than the traditional one piece - which also offers tummy control and hi-cut legs but requires a full dismantling to use the bathroom. I love that you can choose so many different bikini top styles to pair with this flattering bathing suit bottom. There are classic bikini tops, retro full coverage tops, tiered halter tops, sporty crop tops - whatever gives you the best support and flatters the most. Color blocking and mixed patterns are also showing up as a popular swim suit color palate this year so the sky is the limit when choosing coordinating pieces. 

I found a ton of styles on Amazon by searching "high waisted bikini" and of course, you should be able to find this style in most of your favorite stores right now since it is "trending". I bought a high waisted bikini last year and I have never felt more confident wearing a swimsuit! I am not as inclined to try to avoid the neighborhood pool anymore when the kids are begging me to go all summer long! Happy Swimsuit Shopping!

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