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Gift Mom Muscle & Tension Relief With The B37 Percussion Massager from Ekrin Athletics

Thanks to Ekrin Athletics for sending over the B37 in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

Did you know that massage therapy dates back to at least 3000 BCE with Hindu natural healing medicine? Using touch, healers aimed to restore health by healing injuries and restoring a body's natural rhythm: both physically and emotionally. The practice of massage has evolved as various cultures introduced various techniques over the years. Some people are highly adverse to others touching their muscles, which I can appreciate, as I'm not a touchy-feely person. Yet, for me, massage therapy not only soothes my sore painful muscles but also touches a place deep within my soul, much like the ancient practices aimed to do.

Of course, in today's world, regular massage therapy is costly. Companies have introduced home health products, such as massage guns, to help the home consumer try to find a little bit of what's sought after in a spa-like (or physical therapist type) settings. 

I don't remember my first massage, but I do know that my body often craves relief from stress, tension, and tightness. I have an ongoing problem with my left leg becoming too tight when I walk uphill, do a lot of squats, or go up and down stairs a lot, regardless of the amount of stretching, chiropractor therapy, or massage therapy I complete. Working out regularly with stretching helps to offset this as well, but having a desk job does NOT help at all. 

When I heard about Ekrin Athletics and their percussion massagers, I was intrigued. Of course, I've heard about this latest trend, and I've even talked about percussion instruments when I do get a chance to see my professional massage therapist, but I often wonder if they really work. I've been able to test out the Ekrin B37 for about a week. It's now become a part of my regular routine! 

The Ekrin B37 percussion massager arrives with a case, 4 types of massage heads, an instruction manual, and charger. The 15 degrees Titled Handle has a silicone base, which means it's super easy to hold onto and easy to maneuver to get to the hard-to-reach areas. 

I highly recommend reading the entire manual before beginning your massage journey. It will explain what each attachment is for, how to move the instrument, and how much time you should spend. 

The B37 massage heads include: 

  • Round: focus on large muscle groups
  • Bullet: focus on joints and deep muscle groups
  • Flat: various parts of the body
  • Fork: lumbar vertebrae and large muscle groups (including back) 
The instruction manual provides a listing of each muscle groups such as arms, shoulder, waist, leg, and foot, timing, and tips needed to achieve maximum results. For example to work on my soleus muscle, I should move the instrument from top to bottom for 20–30 seconds X 3 times. The recommendation is to use a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes for each muscle group, with two- three sessions per day. 

The device has 5 variable speeds:
1400- relieves tension
1800- recover + flexibility
2200- deep massage
2600- relax fatigued muscles
3200- "wake up" muscles

The device is super easy to use with an on switch that also, when pressed, changes the pressure. As professional massage therapists do, I recommend that you begin on a lower setting before advancing to higher speeds so that your muscles don't go into shock mode. As a note, the faster the speed, the harder dive into your muscle group the percussion instrument goes. You will need to judge your muscles and how they are responding. Sometimes, if I go too deep too soon, my muscles respond negatively. Be sure to breathe regularly throughout use!

There is also a battery level indicator based on the number of lights show on the device. The battery has about 8hrs of run time and charges within a few hours! Assembling the instrument and removing massage head attachments is incredibly easy too. They basically just pop into the connector once the head and connector are aligned! Don't forget to keep your instrument and its different heads cleaned using a damp cloth! 

Using a massager such as the Ekrin Athletic B37 can improve muscle memory, flexibility, and aid in sleep quality. I can't tell you the number of times that I've woken up from DOM like affects because my calves choose those moments to act out in pain! 

Using this percussion instrument before I go to bed has helped that greatly. I haven't been working-out as hard during the past 2 weeks due to a respiratory illness, but I am excited to see what the effects of using the B37 would be post-workout when complete soreness creeps in from the burn of those low squats! 

Now, I've been able to use this instrument on my upper back, but I could see how a second person would be needed to work out kinks in places where my arms and body doesn't twist too, but I've found that the handle is easy to maneuver and not heavy at all! 

Ekrin Athletics recommends those who are into sports to use this massager pre- and post-workout to aid in performance and recovery! I can definitely understand why as I immediately noticed how my muscles felt freer and less tense. I can feel how this massager might help with circulation, with muscles that might "fall asleep" and even with connectivity regarding the rest of the body! When our foot muscles are tight, our leg muscles are pulled, all the way up to our neck, thus creating posture problems. Of course the opposite is true when we are on our phones and computers too long as well! I would say that this percussion massager is not just a "trend" but an additional aid to the health and happiness of my body! 

Also, remember to consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant, have diabetic complications such as nerve damage, wearing a pacemaker, epilepsy, recent surgeries, etc. 

This Mother's, do yourself and your body a favor and grab the Ekrin Athletics B37 for a great gift! 
No matter whether it's for you or the mom in your life, your muscles will love the effects of the massage gun, helping you to have a happy more agile flexible and pain-free life! 

Want it? Get it!

Get the Ekrin Athletics B37 Percussion Massager for a special Mother's Day Gift! 

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