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Can Your Dream Holiday Become Your Future Home?

Most of us have, at one time or another, idly looked out the window while at work and felt uninspired by where we are. It’s not a failing in us, and it’s not even necessarily a failing of the place itself. It’s just that repetition can put a dent in the way you feel about a place. As the old saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. And it’s really no surprise that many of us can become convinced that what we need is a move. A change, a fresh start - and for some of us, that change will be dramatic enough to become a move overseas.

When you’ve been on a particularly enjoyable holiday, it is not uncommon to picture yourself returning to the place you’ve found so beguiling, but this time with the intention of remaining there more permanently. Many people will tell you it is a pipe dream, but there is no reason that you can’t relocate somewhere new. You just need to be aware of the steps you’ll need to take to make it a reality. For some people, these are often too much to take on, but if you can accept the fact that it isn’t as simple as just deciding to move, then there is certainly a way to make your dream move happen.

Understand the legalities

Every country has its own rules for who can come to live there permanently and how they can do this. It’s beneficial to have full awareness of how this works for you ahead of time. If you’ve been dreaming of moving to an idyllic Italian coastal town, it’s good to be informed about Italian citizenship assistance so you know what your options are with regard to a permanent stay. It’s also worth knowing what the expectations are in terms of how much money you’ll need to have on hand; some countries will gladly welcome you permanently as long as you can show you are able to support yourself.

Check if you can keep your old job

If you like your current job and are good at it, and it’s just your local environment that is uninspiring to you, then consider whether you can do the same job in a new place. It might be that your company has offices worldwide and can move you laterally, or it may be that you can do your job remotely. If you already work from home, it should be possible to replicate that process in an overseas environment. If you work for yourself, see if there are opportunities to start a business in your dream destination. An application for permanent residence will be viewed with more positivity if you can show you intend to contribute to the local economy.

Be ready for the stages of adjustment

While a lot of people expect to be homesick in a new place - and there will almost inevitably be some of that - it’s common to thrive early on after a move, as everything there feels shiny and new (and this is also how you are viewed by the people in your new place). The honeymoon period can last for months, but be ready for a bit of mood whiplash after a while, when you start to see all the things your new home doesn’t have going for it. That’s a natural reaction to moving abroad, and like the honeymoon period, is also temporary. In the same way that your new place isn’t the utopia it may have seemed when you holidayed there, it also isn’t the nightmare that it may seem in the adjustment period.

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