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7 Creative Ways To Deal With Travel Memorabilia

Travel memorabilia can be said to be one of the most precious collections one can own. They are, after all, your very own pieces of the world. Accruing them didn’t happen overnight, so, understandably, you want to care for them and share their wonders and stories with those that visit you and your home. If you require fresh ideas to deal with them, look no further and read on. Below are seven ways to creatively handle your growing stockpile of global mementos. 

1. Part Ways With Items That Add To Clutter 

Because there’s no going around time, the objects from your travels face their own shelf lives. It may be time to let them go when something no longer serves you, including your travel memorabilia. Luckily, it’s easy to do so nowadays. You can simply read about such services and book an expert who can’t wait to dispose of your clutter. 

As for the items that remain perfectly usable but have just outgrown their place in your home, you may want to celebrate the spirit of giving and gift it to another grateful soul instead. You can also look into selling your usable travel pieces online or through conducting garage and private sales.

2. Put Them Together In Scrapbooks

If you have some small and dainty travel collectibles, consider preserving them in scrapbooks. There are many fun ways you can scrap and book your pieces together. The sky, too, is the limit when it comes to selecting design materials to go along with your memorabilia. 

Scrapbooking your bundle of travel items not only protects them from the wear and tear of time, but it can also be a great activity you and your loved ones can pick up one fun day. These can make for some of the most endearing keepsakes you can craft too.


3. Display Their Uniqueness On Frames

Using frames has always been a classic go-to when you want to display an item that holds value to you. Your precious memorabilia put in frames are ornamentals just waiting to be adorned in various places in your home. 

Some ideas where you can place them include your bedside table, office space, living room display area, or even along the sides of your stairs.  

4. Refurbish And Repurpose The Aged Ones

Memorabilia that has visibly aged don't necessarily need to be disposed of right away. You can try giving them facelifts first. This can be done by either repainting, varnishing, or repurposing them through a variety of means. You can spend an afternoon turning them into bookmarks, coasters, pillowcases, vases, or even focal elements of design around your home. You can also draw from your interests and hobbies when coming up with ways to use them again.


5. Gather Them In A Feature Wall

A feature wall is essentially a wall you design to set a contrast against your other home's walls. These walls are usually meant to act as an accent and are a feature in and of themselves. If you have any memorabilia lying around, consider using them to spruce up a selected wall in your home. 

Whether you choose to do so with a certain special piece or stack multiple ones up together, put your creativity on full display by decorating your wall with your collection of items from the world. 

6. Find Places For Them In Shelves

The empty shelves around your home can beautifully display the symbols you keep of your travels. They not only work to personalize your space, but they can also add to the aesthetics of your space. Shelving your travel memorabilia can also be an effective means of decluttering and organizing your home.


7. Make Accessories Out Of Them

You'd be surprised to find that there are many ways to accessorize your travel memorabilia. From incorporating them into some of your beadwork, to pressing them into pendants you can wear with your bracelets and necklaces, to stitch working them into certain clothing pieces, to creating patterns you can print that are modeled after them, accessorizing your collections from traveling allows you to wear the pieces you hold dear. 



Your travel collectibles undoubtedly hold a special place in the hearts of everyone in your household. They serve as wonderful reminders of some of your fondest memories while traveling the world. If you find them just lying around your home and wasting their decorative potential, following the suggestions mentioned above can allow you to utilize your travel mementos and have them breathe new life into your home.

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