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Vegan Desserts


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If you are vegan or you have some vegan friends, you need to have some vegan skills in the kitchen as well. Often, non-vegans will be quite satisfied with your vegan dessert options, so it makes sense to swat up on your menu options to keep everyone happy. Find out more below.

Vegan Chocolate Cake 

Everybody loves chocolate cake, making it a hit for any occasion. Whether you are vegan or non-vegan, you will love this vegan chocolate cake recipe that uses basic ingredients leaving plenty of room for creativity and innovation. Serve it at formal or informal events as you, please. 

If you want to make an amazing vegan chocolate cake for your friends or family, you will need coconut milk, applesauce, almond flour, and a dark chocolate frosting made from coconut cream and cocoa powder. You will also need to know how to make ermine frosting for a classic cake.   

Vegan Berry Crumble

Fruit crumble has been a favorite for centuries thanks to its awesome flavor combined with its health benefits. Vegan berry crumble takes this to the next level with an assortment of delicious berries inside an irresistible baked base. Again, the recipe is simple to make and very popular. 

To make vegan berry crumble, you will need raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries; you will also need crunchy oats, vegan butter, and brown sugar. Making a vegan crumble is the same as creating a non-vegan one; the only difference is a tweak to ingredients along with a fruit filling.  

Peanut Butter Cookies 

Cookies make one of the best dessert options, even better when they are vegan. Cookies are an excellent way to finish meals because they combine perfectly with after-meal drinks like tea and coffee. Not only that, the cookies are convenient and can be taken on lunch breaks too. 

If you want to make vegan cookies for your family, you will need some creamy peanut butter, some coconut oil, some almond flour, and some maple syrup to sweeten the cookies and make them healthier instead of using refined sugar. These ingredients make soft and chewy cookies.    

Vegan Banana Bread   

If you enjoy desserts that are delicious and healthy, you cannot overlook banana bread. Banana bread is delicious and convenient; it can be served as an after-meal treat or offered as a treat for lunchtime. Making banana bread vegan is super easy; you only need to tweak a few items. 

To begin with, you will need some ripe bananas. Using bananas that is a little brow is found as long as they are still fresh and edible. The recipe also requires almond milk, flaxseed meal, and maple syrup to sweeten and flavor the bread without the calories. Enjoy any time of the day.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Again, cookies are the perfect complement to any occasion, so make sure you consider all of your options. Peanut cookies are awesome; then again, so are chocolate-chipped ones. Sometimes, the original is the best, so include chocolate chip cookies in your vegan desserts. 

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