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Tips for Letting Your Adult Child Leave the Nest


It can be hard to let go of your child after spending so much time raising them. If you find it hard to make the transition, there are a few things you should keep in mind. This can make it less overwhelming and help you let go of your child.

Provide Encouragement

Whether or not your child wants to leave the nest, gently encouraging them to do so can help guide them in the right direction. If they are thinking about going off to college, you can help them do so by helping with tuition. Taking out a HELOC can give you enough funds to cover the cost of their education, in addition to student loans.

Let Them Make Mistakes

Even though letting your child make mistakes might be hard for you it is part of the balancing act of parenthood even though you likely naturally just want to protect your child. However, letting them make mistakes prevents you from becoming a hovering parent. If you intervene every time your child has a problem, you are essentially telling them you did not do a good job of raising them because you don’t believe in them. They may fail a test or be late to work, but they won’t be able to learn from their mistakes if you don’t allow them to make these mistakes. Allow them to solve problems when they come up.

Give Your Child Space

Allowing your child to move out on their own can be scary, but it can also be rewarding because you will know this is the result of all your years of hard work. It is still important to set boundaries and give them space and not check up on them every minute of the day. This is a time for them to establish themselves in their new home, and if you are with them all the time, they won’t be able to develop into their own self. Consider letting your child initiate any contact, which will help them exercise their newfound independence. Your job has shifted more toward providing security and being there if they need it. You may want to give them space online too and not text them every day.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

It’s easy to focus all your time on raising your kids, and when they leave, it can be difficult for you to adjust. It might feel like a part of you is gone. However, having fewer people at home doesn’t have to be a lonely time. This can be a great time to invest in your relationships with your friends and in yourself. You can start to focus more on what interests you now, whether that’s spending time with your spouse or getting more involved in a hobby. You might choose to embrace a healthier lifestyle with your partner or even think about traveling with your partner since it is just the two of you. No matter how you go about it, spending time doing things that are important to you can be a great reward for raising your child to a successful adult.

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