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TBJ Gourmet- Bacon Jams & Chocolates to Entice Mom's Taste Buds

Thanks TBJ Gourmet for these great jams and the chocolate! All thoughts are my own.

The first time I had chocolate covered bacon was at a small Daytona-based chocolate shop. They literally took a piece of bacon, candied it, and covered it with chocolate. Never would I have thought that this trend would evolve as it has.

If any moms in your life love these two things, bacon and chocolate, then I highly recommend you check out TBJ Gourmet. TBJ has great bacon jams, tomato jams, and of course the highly coveted bacon chocolate! TBJ will have some amazing products that will make great gifts and inspire any meal that is created in the family kitchen! These are especially tasteful for all moms who might be foodies and love trying out new variations of different products! 

Plus, have you ever tried to make bacon jam? While I haven't, I've heard it's a very time-consuming process. We all know that moms are short on time, especially at meal time, so these jams make the perfect gift! 

First up, bacon chocolate. 

TBJ Bacon Chocolate arrives in three-pack bar format because moms need more than one bar! It's a dark chocolate that has been infused with bacon. Personally, I tasted the smoky bacon-ey goodness over tasting actual bacon, so I'm not sure if there are bits of bacon in the bar, or if the flavors have just been infused together. It could just be how the bars are processed, so you may find some crunch in yours! 

Whatever the case, the sweetness of the dark chocolate combined with the salty flavors of bacon are spot on! I'd highly recommend this for any chocolate bacon lover and remember to hide it, otherwise it will be gone!

If bacon in chocolate isn't your forte, then head over to TBJ to browse their many selections of jams; both in bacon and tomato format. As I've lived in SC/ NC for a while, I've come across many variations of bacon jam. My favorite is a sweet type that incorporates onions, bacon, and sometimes even maple or honey. 

Well, TBJ has my taste buds covered because they have regular bacon jam, flavored jams, and even bacon flavored salt! I've never once attempted to make bacon jam on my own, so it's usually reserved for those special restaurants. I'm glad that I now can finally have this in my kitchen!

I was sent the bacon jam with maple syrup to test out. My taste buds have been swimming in goodness every time I use this! If you are not familiar with bacon jam, it is a condiment that's typically made from slow cooking bacon with many spices and sugar. It's then blended or processed so that it has a thick consistency that resembles jam. 

There are so many creative ways to use this relish beyond its original intent as a hamburger topping. Mixed into sauces, used as part of marinades, provided as a creative potato bar topping, and even used to inspire creative dips; TBJ bacon jam will entice taste buds and please a crowd!

I've mostly used mine in traditional ways- as hamburger toppings, potato toppings, etc.but I have added it as a part of a sauce addition when making homemade air fryer chicken wings. The maple flavoring gives this bacon jam a great texture that doesn't taste too sweet! Those smoky flavors still come through.

I was also sent a Tomato Jam to try out. I can hear you thinking: Tomato Jam? What the heck is that? Well, it's a savory spread that has a kick of sweetness to it. It can be used as a ketchup replacement, a straight-up jam (if you prefer it that way), used with charcuterie boards, biscuits, and more. 

The Deep South TBJ jam I tried has a taste that's hard to put into words. It's not totally spicy, and it's not sweet in the way that one would think of fruit jams or preserves. Remember, tomatoes are considered a fruit! It does contain brown sugar and both white wine plus apple cider vinegar that gives it a tangy taste. I have loved it on potatoes, omelettes, and of course, as a burger topping too. Combined with the tomato jam... oh my, taste buds are reaching for the starts! I've even tried this as a dip for grilled cheese. It was definitely swimming in flavor and I'd highly recommend! 

The jams are shelf stable until they have been opened. Once they are opened, they need to be refrigerated. The recommendation is to use the bacon jam within 2–4 weeks of opening as the product can go bad, like many other things out there. It can be frozen using a freezer safe container. Remember to divide it out into servings so that you don't waste it! 

This Mother's Day, if you are thinking about making a meal for mom- whether it includes grilling out or finding the best kitchen selections, then I highly recommend TBJ Gourmet. These jams and sauces will have everyone in the family reaching for another spoonful! 

Want it? Get it!

Find TBJ Bacon Jam & More! 

Be sure to check out the TBJ Blog for great recipe ideas 

Head over to their socials for more meal inspiration. 

Have you tried bacon chocolate? If not, would you?

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