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Spring Break at Home


It's Spring Break! Well, it is for my kids, at least. They have the entire week off from school, and we're finding fun ways to enjoy the week together without traveling too far from home. My husband works for one of our local colleges, and of course, they had their Spring Break in March. Sacha's breaks almost never line up with the kids' breaks, so that makes planning time away extra hard. Since I work from home and have a very flexible schedule, I am trying my best to keep the kids busy with a few fun day trips this week. 

Here's what we have planned:

Monday- We spent part of the day doing 'Saturday stuff,' which consisted of chores, laundry, catching up from the holiday weekend, etc. B had a late afternoon piano lesson, so we just had lunch at home and then went to the park to play. B got to try out his new tennis racquet, and the girls and I played on the swings and the slide. Beanie fell in the mud right before it was time to head to piano, so we made a quick stop back at the house to change clothes.

Tuesday- We have a follow-up appointment with Beanie's ENT, to check her out after surgery, which was two weeks ago. This afternoon, we have a 'Downtown Day' planned. We'll visit Bell Tower Green, our local downtown park, walk around, and grab ice cream. Tonight, Sacha is surprising the kids with a trip to the movies to see the new Mario Bros movie. They are so excited to see it!

Wednesday- We'll head to one of the many local farms in Rowan County and enjoy playtime and strawberry picking! We haven't been strawberry picking in several years, so I am looking forward to being able to do this with all three kiddos.

Thursday- I'm hoping we can organize a trip to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville, or Discovery Place in Charlotte. The kids love visiting Discovery Place, and we haven't been in quite a while, so it will be a treat for them (and for me).

Friday- We'll head to Charlotte in the late afternoon to enjoy dinner together at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Beanie and my dad's birthdays. During the day, we may head to Dan Nicholas Park to ride the train, and carousel, and see the animals.

We're very fortunate to have so many wonderful places to visit within just a few minutes of where we live. A quick drive out of town can also lead us to many amazing places where we can discover new things and play all day.

Do your kids have Spring Break this week? 
What types of interesting things do you have planned?

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