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CBD can help in multiple areas, both physically and mentally. Susan’s Own was developed as a healthy, natural treatment alternative to the modern medicines that are known to have negative side effects. Susan's Own products have now become an important part of my daily routine. 

For two years, I have been struggling greatly with my health. In the beginning of my struggle journey, I was having pain. I couldn't figure out from where, but I knew I was hurting... BAD. This pain resulted in two emergency room trips, multiple visits to my primary doctor, many specialist appointments, and an exploratory surgery. Since I also suffer from migraines, I also paid a visit to a neurologist. In all of this, my migraines had gotten exponentially worse and I was in misery daily. Having two small kids, this was an issue. I couldn't be the mom I needed to be for my precious little people. I needed relief, and most importantly - answers! 

My neurologist requested I get an MRI. That showed an abnormality in my spine, which sent me to another specialist. After more imaging and X-rays, I finally had an answer. I have two breaks in my vertebra that have been compressing and pinching my nerves as I went about my daily activities. No wonder I was in such pain! Because surgery was considered to be a last resort, they put me on a regimen of prescription medicines that sometimes did the trick, and sometimes didn't. The pain killers would often affect me in the mornings as I would sleep through my alarms and feel like garbage when I woke up. 

Throughout this time, my mom (who is a CBD enthusiast) was urging me to try CBD. Since CBD is often negatively viewed as "the cousin of marijuana", I've always been a little cautious to really use it. I tried some gummies every now and then for my anxiety, but didn't use them long enough to fully reap the benefits. I became so desperate for relief that I would have licked a toilet bowl if I was assured it would be a cure to the pain I experienced in my daily life. When Susan's Own CBD reached out to Mommy's Block Party, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to try out something that has become so widely used by many around the country for everyday struggles.
Being a science teacher, I like to do my research. Up until I got my package of Susan's Own products, I was looking up everything from "What are the positive and negative effects of CBD?" to "Will CBD make me high?". I wanted to know what to expect before making this a part of my daily routine and whether or not it was safe to add to my seemingly ever-growing list of medications. In my research I found many studies that showed benefits of CBD in epilepsy - some were types that didn't even respond to anti-seizure medications. When the test subjects were given CBD, there was a significant decrease of seizure occurrence in most people and some even reported that their seizures stopped completely. 

I had previously known that CBD helps with anxiety and chronic pain, but also discovered it could help with insomnia and addiction. After clearing it medically, I was excited to try this out to see if I'd get relief. When I opened up the package, the items were wrapped neatly with little designs on the tissue paper. The individual packaging has a retro vibe, which I also thought was very cute and visually appealing. I love a good presentation of products!
Susan's Own Creamsicle CBD Tincture
The first product was the full spectrum tincture. I chose the creamsicle flavor, and man, the taste was incredible! I started with taking one dropper full each night right before bed and eventually upped it to two. Within the first week, I could tell a difference in the way I was feeling. My pain was more manageable and I could do more throughout the day. I wasn't groggy in the mornings like I would be when taking muscle relaxers and heavy pain relievers in order to sleep at night. The bottle lasted me about a month, which is a great value for the price. It's actually time for me to order more!
CBD Muscle Balm
The real star of this show is the muscle balm. The relief I felt when I put this on was instant. When I say this was a game changer, know that I am not over-exaggerating. The muscle relaxation from the application of this muscle balm lasts a few hours, so I only apply it twice a day, in the morning and before bed. I put it on my neck, my lower back, and my side - any place I need relief. I've even used it on the base of my skull for migraine pain. It's mentholated, so it adds an extra kick while smelling great in knocking out pain. This mighty little stick is worth every single penny of its price tag. I will be very sad when the day comes and I run out of this. I will definitely continue to keep it in my arsenal.

If you've been on the fence about trying CBD for whatever "ails you", give Susan's Own a try! Susan's Own currently carries three flavors of CBD gummies, the muscle balm, a variety of tinctures, and even bath bombs. They take pride in the fact that their products are never tested on animals and that all of their products are vegan. They also share the lab results of their products on their website, which I am a huge fan of! It's always a plus knowing what is going into or on your body. 

Thank you to Susan's Own for partnering with me in featuring your products! 

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You can order Susan’s Own products on their website!

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