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Kids Can Perfect Their Pitches with the New Junk Ball Umpire Strike Zone


Thanks to Little Kids Inc. for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

Batter up! What's better in the spring and summer than baseball on cool evenings? Not much! Our family loves baseball (especially me), and it's always been a dream of mine that my son would love it as much as I do and want to play the sport. While I've tried to pique his interest in playing through the years, B has only recently developed an interest and is mostly interested in pitching. 

Now that we have a large yard to run and play in, it makes it a whole lot easier to get into sports, like baseball, at home. While B isn't super serious about baseball, he loves to throw pitches out and always wants me to play with him. It's a dream come true for me, but we have two little girls thrown into the mix, and I'm usually chasing our toddler when B wants me to be playing with him. 

I was recently able to present him with the very cool Junk Ball Umpire Strike Zone, new from Little Kids, Inc. This is a new addition to the already awesome line of products from Junk Ball and allows pitchers and batters the ability to hit the strike zone target with their hits or pitches for practice.

Easy assembly in minutes- your older kiddo can put it together in little to no time.

The Junk Ball Umpire Strike Zone is easy to assemble. My twelve-year-old opened it up, read the directions, and assembled it himself within just a few minutes. While the wind was working against him, he was able to get the strike zone attached to the stand and get the whole thing secured to the ground with the included metal stakes.

The Junk Ball Umpire Strike Zone is easy to set up and secure to the ground for playtime!

B was pretty pleased with himself for being able to put the Umpire Strike Zone together, and he was ready to play! He used the Junk Ball Wild Pitch Collectible Balls with the Umpire Strike Zone, as well as the Junk Ball Bat. I was excited to see him testing out the balls and using the strike zone for pitching and hitting. The Umpire Strike Zone helps with dirty pitching. You can work on perfecting those curveballs and much more! Since the Junk Ball balls are wiffle-style balls, I don't have to worry as much about little ones getting pelted with actual baseballs. Major ouch- they can really hurt!

Working on his pitching with the Umpire Strike Zone.

Everyone in our family has enjoyed getting in on the game! I've taken a few turns pitching and batting with the Junk Ball Bat, too! It's easy to keep score or keep track of your pitches with the Umpire Strike Zone. Just tap the clips on the board to move them and keep score. Full instructions on how to play Junk Ball and use the Umpire Strike Zone are included.

Grab and collect the Junk Ball Wild Pitch Collectible Balls!

It's even more fun to play Junk Ball with their Wild Pitch Collectible Balls. At just $3.99 each, your kids will love adding new balls to their collection every chance they get. With cool names like Bone Rattler, Moonriser, and Great White, your whole family will have a ball with these easy-to-grab-and-throw junk balls. 

We already love Junk Ball so much and are having a ton of fun with the Umpire Strike Zone. B asks to go outside and play with it almost every day after school. It makes my heart happy to see him so interested in baseball, and wanting to be active. I can already tell that this is going to be our favorite outdoor activity of the summer.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over and purchase a Junk Ball Umpire Strike Zone for your family to enjoy this spring and summer! Don't forget the bat and extra Junk Balls! Keep up with Junk Ball on Facebook.

Who would you love to play Junk Ball with?

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