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I Painted My Kitchen Cabinets - WHAT?!

I have put this project off for 8 years. 8 YEARS!

Two weeks ago, I ran across a random TikTok where a regular mom like me decided to paint her kitchen cabinets without removing all of the faces. Seeing her tackle the project on her own gave me a lot of inspiration. My confidence began to grow and I decided to not think too long or too hard about it. Instead, I decided I would go to Lowes and get the same exact products she used and begin!

The two stars of the show are the two products above. If I knew how doable this was eight years ago, I would have tackled this project long ago. The Valspar products really cut the work load in half. The lady in the video did not sand her cabinets, but I decided to take the extra step to do so. I used a sanding block and did a light sanding of every surface by hand. I also used Krud Kutter cleaning spray to degrease every square inch of my kitchen. I'll be honest, the cleaning and sanding was an exhausting process that took me three to four days.

I would work for a little while and exhaust myself and need a break. I even let an entire day pass where I hardly touched the kitchen because I just needed to step away for a bit. This project has taken me almost exactly two weeks. I can't reveal a final photo yet because my husband is going to reattach a few cabinet doors for me that he ended up removing for better access. 

I painted over half of my kitchen cabinets without removing a face. I cleaned, sanded, vacuumed, primed and then painted two to three coats. There is no sealing needed with this Valspar cabinet paint. It is durable and stain resistant. 

After viewing the prices of hardware at Lowes, I knew Amazon would be my best bet. I found pulls that I loved and they were easy to install. I chose the color, "Cream Delight" for my new kitchen cabinet color and I love it so much!

Take a look at these "before and after" photos:

Are you ready for this reveal?

I'm in love! I've always known we needed to redo our kitchen cabinets, but assumed we would need to spend thousands and hire out for this job. Sometimes, I do not give myself enough credit in my ability to tackle home projects.

Not only do I now love the space in my home that I spend so much time, but I feel a renewed sense of confidence within myself to tackle more home projects! If I can do this, you can do this. I mean that. This has been exhausting and it hasn't been the easiest project but it has saved my husband and I thousands of dollars and I think it looks pretty darn good. 





  1. It looks amazing! Great job!

  2. They look absolutely awesome! I have been through repainting cabinets before, too and know that it is a big project. Great job!


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