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Entryway Wall Decor Ideas: How To Decorate With Posters


When people enter your home, what’s the first thing they see? The entryway, of course. Your entryway is people’s first contact with your home and it should leave a good first impression. Besides keeping the entry clutter-free and clean, there are other ways to make a good first impression. Yes, we are talking about decor, and more precisely wall decor. You want something that provides personality to your home and something that sets the tone for the rest of the house. So, let’s see how you can decorate your entryway with posters and make it look amazing. 

Color Cohesion

Entryway is the first impression, and if you like cohesion, create it. It certainly looks amazing when all the decor in this part of the house simply fits together. For example, you can pick neutral colors for the walls, but pick a few accent pieces in one certain shade. Then, choose the exact same shade for the poster. You can go for a bigger size of the poster with those shades that are popping here and there in the entryway. That way, you are creating a united design, while it looks whimsical and fun.

Show Your Personality

If you would like for people to see your personality as soon as they enter your home, pick a poster or two that will showcase exactly that. You can opt for custom-made posters that you can design yourself or have them custom-made to fit your personality. For example, Posteramo lets you pick a design and then you can customize it to your own likes. You can pick so many great patterns that will set the tone and show how whimsical you can be. Or simply pick designs that will show something you like - like a map of your favorite city, for example. Simply feature elements of your own preferences in the poster and it will set the mood of the entire house.

Go Minimalistic

For those of you who love a minimalist design, you can do the same with wall decor in your entrance. This is a good idea, especially if the rest of your home is minimalist. You can find amazing prints of posters that are minimalistic. There is beautiful line art, inspirational quotes, plant prints and so much more that you can hang on that wall. Such posters can bring out some character in the room, while they are keeping things simple. Plus, if you go for a minimalist design that still has some bolder colors, you can truly make a statement. 

Be Bold and Make a Statement

Speaking of making a statement, if you like bold designs, you should consider posters in that style for your entryway. There are amazing poster prints that can truly make a bold statement. You can opt for abstract designs with lots of bright colors, tropical print, and even some provocative art that makes a statement you also feel in your heart. Whatever design you choose, just make sure it fits in nicely with the rest of the design, and make sure the rest of the decor elements are not as bold, so the entryway won’t look too crowded. 

Your entryway doesn’t have to consist of jackets, shoes, and cabinets only. Rather, it can be a whimsical welcome to your home. To achieve such a soothing and welcoming atmosphere, you should try out different poster designs to hang on the wall right by the door. This way, you can express your personality, make a statement and keep that decor fun. 

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