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Develop a Stronger You With Alta Fitness this Mother's Day

Thanks Alta Fitness, for sending over this great dumbbell set in exchange for a review. This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase. 

Do you love that feeling when you have accomplished something great? For many of us, working out might not make the "great" cut, but for me, I feel good because I just completed a fitness regime AND upped my weights as well! While we might dread it, exercise and fitness really do help us live life fuller. 

In high school, I had many friends who were athletes and I would often to go to the Y with them for cardio and weight lifting. This carried over into college as I took kickboxing, dance classes, and used our university gym quite a bit with friends. After undergraduate studies finished, I found myself living in England, where if I wanted to get anywhere, I had to walk to the bus, walk into town, etc. In my young adult years, while I was never super skinny, I was relatively healthy.

Then, my thirties hit. My daily schedule would prevent me from getting to the gym for the fitness classes I love. I've never really liked the treadmill or elliptical but have used them when I have too. Then add in job changes, moving states a few times, and tight budgets.. next thing I know, I'm working out at home! 

The thing about working out at home is that you have to motivate yourself to do so. It's so much easier to come home at the end of a long day and sit on the couch rather than put on the gym shoes and pick up the hand weights. I have to will myself to work out and WANT to work out. 

When I exercise, despite hurting from being out of shape, I often feel better and am in better moods. I also sleep better too! Usually as a cause/ effect thing, I end up eating better and cutting out the stuff that isn't good for us. 

So, fitness equipment at home has been minimal for me. Honestly, I don't need much. Hand-weights, yoga mat, and some resistance loops are currently in my collection. I use an on-demand system, so I can find classes to stream from Pilates, yoga, to cardio and strength training. I love instructors that demonstrate proper form before beginning and often try to use mirrors or the phone video to make sure I'm correct.  I've discovered that strength training is just as much important as cardio is for my core and health! A lot of the strength training I've been doing includes using my own core and body weight. 

When I discovered Alta Fitness, I was definitely intrigued about their products and wanted to try them! Their tagline is "Better products for a better workout".  They sent me a pair of 10 lb Soft-Touch hand weights in mulberry to try out and I was excited to see how they are "better products for a better workout"!

I've been using the same 5 lb weights for the last year and knew I needed to up my game.  I'll be honest: I've had my set of 5 lb weights for so long the rubber is starting to wear out, and they are kind of gross after several moves and years of use. I knew I had outgrown that weight as I've pushed my body to do more, so I was excited to try out this 10 pair weight set. I'm sure I'll be sore for a while and might need to lower weight for certain exercises, but overall I'm pleased with the quality of these dumbbells!

Finishing up a work-out with my new Alta Fitness dumbbells!

Alta Fitness soft-touch hand weights are made with a silicone that contains silver and combats against germs by being antibacterial up to 99%. So while these weights aren't completely bacteria free, they feel like heaven. At first, the weights did feel odd because I've used the other set for so long, but the feel was smooth, they didn't slide in my grip, and the mulberry color made me want to workout, as its one of my favorite colors related to my alma mater days. 

As my workout continued, I loved how the silicone felt. My hands have a tendency to grip objects like hand weights very tightly and sometimes calluses develop, especially when it's super hot, and I sweat a lot. I didn't feel any rubbing as I used these in various movements.

Side lunges are made easier with Alta! See, I'm trying to keep up with the instructors announcements!

I also love how these weights are made specifically for women! In past years, I've tried to use gym hand weights that I can't even grip because my hands are too small to wrap around the handle. It's not even a weight issue- it's a grip issue! 

Alta Fitness hand weights are the perfect size for me to grip and handle, so no worries there! My final like for this company is the unique colors the bands come in. No more plain black or metallic looking dumbbells for my home gym! Right now, Alta has five different colors to choose from. Mix & Match to your heart's content as they can be purchased in pairs or singles. Alta's current dumbbell offerings include 3, 5, 8, & 10 lb dumbbells. I'm sure eventually I'll outgrow the 10 lb set but that's still a ways off. 

Forgot what this move is called, but we had to squat, push out, and hold. I was losing my squat by this point in the rounds!

Alta also has a few sets of resistance bands to work those muscles, including the booty, even further. I'm excited to check these out in the near future as I've started to add more resistance into my weekly routine. I don't have them yet, but their resistance bands come in three types: the Luxe Resistance Set, the Mini Loops, and the Booty Bands. Each set has 3 bands: light, medium, and hard resistance and works different types of muscles. I'm excited to check these out in the near future!

A great thing about Alta Fitness equipment is their 30-day trial! Try the products for 30 days and if you decide you don't love your products, reach out to customer service, and they will help you get your return and refund going. Honestly, I can't imagine why you wouldn't love the dumbbells or bands, but I understand that allergies, reactions, and discomfort does exist using products. I've discovered it in other products after a couple of weeks use, so I'm glad this policy exists! 

If you are looking for new home gym equipment this Mother's Day, I highly recommend Alta Fitness. Another reason why I love this company and immediately wanted to try their products is that they give back to other women in need. Alta Fitness gives 5% of every order to women's shelters, specifically those that focus on trauma recovery. They help to provide fitness equipment, training, and funding to provide safe places for women who have experience trauma. What better Mother's Day gift can one receive knowing that one is helping out other women in the world? 

As Alta says in their about section, fitness helps us discover our own relationship to our bodies. We can heal, we can grow, we can dream, we can repair ourselves physically (maybe your mom is recovering from a torn muscle or knee issue) and we can start that healing path to emotional wellness as well. Fitness helps boost self-esteem, helps with emotional health, and even helps to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and PTSD. I know that my own fitness journey has helped stabilize my mood, increased my joy, and with increased movement, I find I can do more fun things without getting out of breath so easily! 

This Mother's Day, check out Alta Fitness for your home gym needs! 

Want it? Get it!

Find Alta's Dumbbells and Resistance Bands in many colors! Orders ship within 2 business days and are usually received 2-5 business days after shipping, so be sure to order in time for Mother's Day! 

Follow Alta on IG for ways to be strong and stay motivated! 

What piece of equipment from Alta Fitness does your home gym need? 

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