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Could Real Estate Be A Good Side Hustle For You?

 Real estate isn’t often thought of as a side hustle, let’s be real here. You think of it as something you do only if you’ve got a lot of money already, and the time to flip houses for the market and look after tenants. But in reality, the property game is becoming a bit more approachable, thanks to all these new ways to invest. 

And if that sounds like something you’d like to get into, we’ve got some tips below on making sure it sticks. Check them out if you want to try making money off of real estate; could it be a good side hustle for you?

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If You Know How to Market to Tenants

If you’re choosing to rent long term (as this is the best way to bring in a cash flow), you’re going to need to choose your tenants carefully. And you can only do this when the right people are interested in you as well. Which means you’ll need to market!

However, real estate can be a tricky thing to ‘sell’, in the usual sense. You can let an estate agent do a lot of the work for you, but it’s best to make a profile of your own too. Set up a website, take excellent photos, write evergreen blog posts on home advice - these all work to create trust in you as either a developer or future landlord. 

And Only if You Pick Your Location Wisely

Choosing the best real estate location is key to turning a regular profit. Whether you want long term tenants or you want to rent to those on vacation during a seasonal period, people won’t show an interest without this prime setting. 

You can invest in as many 2 bedroom apartments as you like, they won’t quite generate the cash you’re expecting without a good view or being close to the downtown area. Of course, some people want to stay in quieter places where they can relax, but they still need strong transport links to get around. So above all else, keep these factors in mind when you’re viewing potential properties. 

But it Doesn’t Take Too Much to Get Started

As we said above, real estate doesn’t have to be as fund-heavy as you might think. Sure, you need some startup cash to get going, but you can invest in real estate pools and take shares out of properties to begin with. 

For a fraction of the typical cost, you can use these efforts to make some money over the next 12 to 24 months and then take your return elsewhere for an even bigger score. You just need to find the right people, and funds, to work with!

Real estate could be the best side hustle you have. You just need to have realistic expectations about what you're getting into, as well as a good sense of what the average buyer/renter is looking for. And take your time to find the right property!

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