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Why You Should Take A Bath


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You need a bath. And, no, it’s not because you smell. Beyond maintaining good personal hygiene, regularly taking a bath can have several health benefits - some of which you don’t get when having a shower. 

Yes, showers are definitely more convenient when you’re in a rush, and also use up much less water on average. However, finding time for the occasional bath is still worthwhile. Below are just some of the big reasons to treat yourself to a bath.

It can relieve stress

A hot bath at the end of a hectic day could be great for relieving stress. The warm water stimulates all our nerve endings and causes a rush of endorphins, which helps to flush out stress-causing cortisol hormones. Our muscles relax and we mentally feel calmer as a result.

The relaxing qualities of a bath can be improved by engaging in other relaxing activities while you bathe such as listening to music, meditating or drinking a cup of herbal tea (or indeed a glass of wine).

It can reduce pain and inflammation

A hot bath helps to fight inflammation by relaxing muscles and tendons. Both the heat and buoyancy of the water contribute to this, and can help ease many types of pain ranging from DOMS to even contraction pains in early labor. It is particularly good for joint pain and muscular conditions. Many doctors even recommend taking a bath as a pain relief strategy for various chronic pain conditions.

Herbal bath products containing ingredients like frankincense or CBD may further help reduce pain. Alternatively, you can simply shop for oral supplements at sites like CBDistillery and take them before you have a bath for potent pain relief without having to rely on OTC painkillers.

It can improve sleep quality

A hot bath before bed could help fight insomnia. By relieving stress and pain, a bath can make it easier to get to sleep. After a bath, our core temperature also goes down, which encourages us to feel sleepy and crave our bed. Bedtime baths can be particularly good at helping kids and babies to sleep.

Various bath products can act as a further sedative. Epsom bath salts contain magnesium, which is one of the best supplements for helping our body prepare for sleep. Lavender products can also help aid the production of sleep hormones - the scent alone is renowned for making many people relaxed and sleepy.

It could help you fend off heart disease

Studies have shown that regular baths may be good for your heart. Reports of 30,000 middle aged participants in Japan found that people who took daily baths had a 28% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease and 26% lower risk of developing a stroke.

Baths are effective at reducing chronic stress - which of course is the biggest cause of heart problems. Baths can also help improve sleep quality, and a good night’s sleep is equally key to good heart health. All in all, it makes sense as to why baths may be good for the heart

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