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Tips on Getting the Shine Back into Your Home

 Once upon a time, your home may have been all shiny and new, giving you that spark of inspiration that you loved. But, as with most things over time, your home can lose its sparkle and shine, and be in need of some TLC. The good news is that there are a lot of ways you can put the shine back into your home. To help you out, here are a few things for you to consider:



One of the first things you need to do put re-energize your home is a thorough decluttering. Clutter is something that happens to pretty much every home and something that, for some people, becomes a big problem. In some of the worse cases, people become attached to every piece of clutter and cannot remove it from the home. This causes the person to become stuck in the past, where the attachment to the item is more important than living in the present. Clutter can cause issues in other ways too, like making the home dustier than it needs to be because it is hard to clean. Too much dust and other debris can contaminate the air, potentially causing respiratory health concerns. Whatever the circumstances, you need to start clearing the home of clutter; this is the first step to making the home shine again. 

Get Dusting and Washing

If you are serious about making things shine, then you need to start dusting and washing… everywhere. The lampshades, ceiling fan blades, the baseboards, all your ornaments, top shelves. Wipe and disinfect all your door knobs, clean in all the nooks and crannies - corners of rooms, doors indents, shirting, shelves, etc. Put all your curtains in the washing machines, or dry clean as advised; clean your windows, all of them, and maybe hire someone to wash the outside of them. Start pressure washing your patios, outside walls, and more. Get your carpets professionally cleaned, or borrow a scarlet cleaning machine, buff up wooden floors. If you want your house to shine again, then you need to input a little elbow grease. 


The paintwork in your house is something that definitely loses its shine over the years. Life, mold, mildew, grease, hands, heat from windows that start making it bubble, water damage, stains, and a lot more can all test the paintwork. The good thing is that the paint is really a simple thing to update. All you need to do is repaint it. Then the rooms have that reinvigoration. You can even paint a new color to add even more life to a room. Repainting is a very quick and easy transformation.  

Fix Things

Most houses have a snag list. If you want things to be like new, then you need to go around your home, create a snag list and start repairing it. There is nothing worse than trying that light switch, only to remember that it doesn't work, or to listen to a dripping tap all day, every day. A repair job is good for the mind, body, and soul.


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