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March Home Reno Update


March has tip-toed in like a little lamb. So quiet, so cold. We've had many mild days already this month, and now we're stuck in a cold snap, like much of the country. Cold days get me down because it means that I can't really spend time over at my family's new house. While the upstairs is mostly finished with painting and flooring, there is no HVAC. We're waiting on our last estimate to come in before we decide which HVAC company to give our business to for the 2nd-floor addition. While I'm not looking forward to that gigantic expense, it's much-needed during the cold winter months and notoriously hot summer months.

New pathway project

On mild days, we can be upstairs in the house with no worries. In fact, I tend to spend more time outside, working on projects and playing with the kids. Prepping our wide wrap-around porch for spring and tending to the garden beds takes time, even more so with a toddler on my hip. My garden trellises will be here today, and I cannot wait to see them go up on the side of my garage. They'll be lovely supports for my climbing roses. I ordered a new garden fountain to sit among the roses, too. It will be a pretty visual, and the sound of the moving water will be soothing to my weary soul. I'll be able to see it from my porch and patio, so that will bring me a lot of joy.

Finished office space, ready for furnishings and decor.

The floors downstairs are nearly finished. In fact, they'll be completely finished this week. It has taken my husband months to finish these floors. It's been such a huge project... but one man refinishing 2800 sq ft of hardwood floors is bound to take a good long time. They look great, and we're happy with the outcome.

A peek into Beanie's new room with fresh paint and finished floors.

I'll be excited to see walls going back up in our master bedroom and kitchen in the next few weeks. Our mudroom tile will go down soon. We've set up Internet service, our security system arrived, and we're ready to move into our new abode over the next few weeks. I expect we'll be fully moved in and living in the new house before school is out for summer break, which is really just in 9 - 10 more weeks. The time will fly by, and then we'll have the summer to get situated, finish out our new kitchen and pantry, and figure out how to get along with clawfoot tubs! A new adventure!

We've been waiting for what seems like so long, and the time has nearly come. Anticipation.

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