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March "Fourth" and Chase Your Dreams

March Forth is an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on March 4 to encourage everyone to work towards achieving their dreams. So get ready to take some risks and march forth toward your dream!

This day provides an opportunity for people to take purposeful risks toward achieving their goals and expanding themselves. Let's take a stand against procrastination and all the reasons that creep into our heads to discourage us from even trying. 

The name was made up as a homophone of the day ‘March Fourth.’ It is also the shortened version of the full name — ‘March Forth and Do Something Day.’ 

March Forth was born out of the numerous stories of people giving up on their goals due to procrastination and sheer lack of motivation. It encourages support for anyone who may need a little nudge to help kickstart and go full steam on their goals. 

One interesting thing and perhaps an unintended consequence of the date of the holiday is that it comes off the back of some significant holidays celebrated in the months prior to March Forth Day, including Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is in January, and February’s Black History Month. This is perhaps why some believe the day is an opportune time for Americans to “march forth” towards unity and reflect on the dark history of early human rights struggles to avoid reliving it. To these people, March Forth is an invitation to Americans to begin anew and make an effort to open their hearts and minds to the common goal of unity and the work of racial reconciliation. 

What is your dream? 

What is the biggest obstacle you face in achieving it?


Information Source: National Today

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