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How to Reconnect with Your Spiritual Side



When life gets busy, it can be difficult to find the time to reconnect with your spiritual side. In spite of the chaotic schedules and everyday responsibilities that fill our lives, it’s important to make time for the things that bring us joy and inner peace. After all, you’ll often find that it’s your spiritual side that can contribute to you feeling calmer and happier in life, and having the ability to handle everything that life throws at you. But it’s not always easy to know exactly how you can strengthen your relationship with your faith, God, the Universe, or whatever you believe. So in this post, we’re going to run through seven ways you can tap into your spiritual side and find moments of quietude in your day.

1. Meditate

Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind and focus on the present moment. Taking even just five minutes every morning or night can help you feel more centered throughout your day. If you’re unsure how to begin meditating, consider downloading a guided meditation app or visiting a local studio for a class or workshop. Doing so will allow you to reconnect to the present moment, clear your mind, and be able to spend time in reflection.

2. Spend Time in Nature

Whether it’s walking through the park or taking a hike, spending time in nature is an easy way to slow down and connect with yourself. The fresh air, natural beauty, and peacefulness will help reset your mind and body. Plus, physical activity like walking is great for your overall health. You may find that in this moment, you’re also able to clear your mind and reconnect with your faith.

3. Read Inspirational Texts

Books can be filled with stories that encourage growth and understanding of one's spirituality. Consider reading texts from religious traditions you find interesting or autobiographies from people who have inspired you spiritually over the years. If you have a religious text related to your faith, why not find your favourite passages? Whether that’s bible verses about God's love available here or your favourites passages in the Tripiáš­aka, re-reading and considering different interpretations can help to strengthen your faith and centre yourself once again.

4. Connect With Others

People are social creatures, so it’s no surprise that connecting with others can help us feel more connected spiritually as well. Reach out to friends or family members who share similar beliefs as you do, attend services at places of worship regularly, or join clubs related to spirituality—it’s all about finding what works best for you. After all, if you spend more time around people that share your interests and beliefs, it will help you to find a deeper connection with your community and beliefs.

5. Journal

Writing down your thoughts is a great way to reflect on where you are in life and how far you have come spiritually over time—whether through prayer journals or simply writing down anything that comes to mind each day. Dedicating even just five minutes per day will help keep track of progress made each day while also allowing room for creativity when needed most. Plus, you can share and ponder thoughts on your faith here too.

6. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude regularly can remind us of all we have been blessed with spiritually—even if those blessings are hard to see on some days. Simply thinking about what we appreciate most in our lives (big or small!) each day helps us stay grounded when times get tough. Taking some time each day to feel grateful for what you have can not only support you and guide you spiritually, but also help your mental health.

7. Listen To Music

And finally, it’s important to remember that music has a powerful ability to evoke emotion. This can be seen as a reminder that we are never alone and always connected somehow spiritually. Taking some time out of each week to listen (or play!) music allows us access into our inner world which is often hard accessed during busy days.

Strengthening Your Connection for a Better Life

Reconnecting with your spiritual side doesn't require much effort but can be very rewarding if done regularly. Even something as small as taking an extra five minutes out of each day dedicated solely to personal reflection can make all the difference when trying to stay connected spiritually in an ever-changing world around us. Hopefully these seven tips provide some inspiration on ways you too can take steps towards reconnecting with yourself today.

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