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Dr. Suess' Birthday and Read Across America Week!


Dr. Seuss was born on March 02, 1904. Theodore Seuss Geisel wrote and illustrated more than 60 books under his pen name. History.com has some great things that you may not know about Dr. Seuss, so go check them out. My favorite is how his pen name "Dr. Seuss" came into existence! 

We know that Dr. Seuss has come under fire in recent years regarding his racial and ethnic stereotypes in some of his publications. At least 6 of his books were pulled from publication because of their controversial nature. Societal changes do mean that we reflect and move beyond the past and harmful materials, but we can't neglect the years of learning that we all have learned from Dr. Seuss books. 

Learning how to sound out words, how to read, how to have opinions, how to be open and inclusive are all some things I remember from my favorite books. I also remember learning to look for what isn't there and to believe beyond what we can see as well. Learning to trust people, to trust our instincts, and learning to get along in community are also things that Dr. Seuss taught us. 

My top 5 favorite Dr. Seuss books are:

1) Oh the Places You Will Go

2) The Lorax

3) Horton Hears a Who

4) The Sneetches and Other Stories

5) Oh The Thinks You can Think

Whether you dive into a Dr. Seuss book or find your favorite novel to read, go ahead and dive into reading today! Not only is it Dr. Seuss' birthday, it is also the beginning of Read Across America Week! 

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