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Do Laundry and Catch Groovy Vibes with ZUM from Indigo Wild

Thank you to Indigo Wild for sharing ZUM products for review. The opinions within are 100% my own.

Give your laundry a spectacular smell and a groovy vibe with Patchouli Zum Clean Laundry Soap and ZUM Wool Dryer Balls from Indigo Wild.
As if the earthy, musky, touch-of-sweet scent isn’t enticing enough on its own, the Patchouli ZUM Clean Laundry Soap has an ultra-clean essential oil blend paired with saponified soap. The low-sudsing formula naturally fights stains and freshens clothes with no harsh chemicals or hard-to-pronounce ingredients!

Made from natural wool, Zum Wool Dryer Balls and Aroma Blend add an airy boost to your dryer load. Spritz them with the included aroma blend before you toss them in with your laundry, and they’ll leave everything smelling spectacular! It is safe for use on loads that include delicate undies to argyle socks, there’s no limit on how fresh you can go. These wonder balls help with dry time, aerate wrinkles, and spruce up every load with aromatic allure. The dryer balls are so easy to use! Simply spritz each reusable ball with the included Zum Clean Wool Ball Aroma Blend, and toss them in your dryer. These balls can be used up to 669 times. 

The blend I received for both items was Patchouli. Patchouli and I have a romance! It has always been one of my favorite scents. Patchouli is deeply earthy with a hint of sweetness and It has a spicy bite with musky undertones. The laundry soap cleans great and the smell is heavenly! The wonder balls helped out my laundry with less drying time, aerating wrinkles, and sprucing up every load with patchouli! Yay! Getting dressed comes with an intoxicating scent that I love!

The following from Indigo Wild's website (also on the box they sent the products in) gave my family and me a case of giggles! Enjoy!


  • We believe in introverts and extroverts.
  • We believe in good news.
  • We believe that sure is Zum Bar of soap.
  • We believe Egyptian whorehouses smell really good.
  • We believe in farmers' markets and mass markets.
  • We believe farts are funny.
  • We believe in herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, vegetarians and vagitarians, vegans, pescatarians, lacto or ovo.
  • We believe Andrés Rum Balls take the edge off.
  • We believe in Frank & Myrrh and Frank from Shameless.
  • We believe in the breakfast of champions.
  • We believe in roots, boots, and toots.
  • We believe in plants and birds and rocks and things.
  • We believe in her Pink Cadillac.
  • We believe in boobs and bitches.
  • We believe in wine on Fridays.
  • We believe in couches in the masturbatorium.
  • We believe the best bar in KC is the Zum Bar.
  • We believe in crackbread and brie.
  • We believe the bath time is built for two.
  • We believe Tara is like MacGyver in the kitchen.
  • We believe in warm cookies at 3 pm!
  • We believe in the “nooner”.
  • We believe some of the cleanest people have the dirtiest minds.
  • We believe in flipping your pillow to the cool side.
  • We believe in bed head, buns, and beach waves.
  • We believe in being (fashionably) late for very important dates.
  • We believe in goats and their kids.
  • We believe we’re all happy here.
  • We believe in boots and Zum Bum before meetings.
  • We believe drinks should come with appetizers.
  • We believe you can’t just have one margarita.
  • We believe in double the squeeze.
  • We believe creating the perfect Spotify playlist is an art.
  • We believe in the vibrational energies of essential oils.
  • We believe in the power of plants.
  • We believe in the power of Troy behind the wheel.
  • We believe in extra lemon and extra zen.
  • We believe in kind hearts, fierce minds, and brave spirits.
  • We believe in extra scoops of cookie dough.
  • We believe in handwritten thank you notes.
  • We believe in indulging in daily deep whiffs of Zum.
  • We believe in cranking up the volume during rush hour.
  • We believe in rosé all day (and night).
  • We believe in one more… always one more.
  • We believe intoxicating smells equal victory bells.
  • We believe the higher the heel, the more luxurious a Zum Tub bath will feel.
  • We believe a hug a day keeps bad juju away.
  • We believe in the loveliness of goats.
  • We believe natural ingredients make skin less disobedient.
  • We believe in good, good, good vibrations.
  • We believe the louder the music, the better the soap.
  • We believe the more dogs in a room, the better the party.
  • We believe in rescue pooches and sloppy smooches.
  • We believe if the shower’s a rockin’, you should come in.
  • We believe in loving what you do and your co-workers too.
  • We believe using Zum Bar Soap makes you really, really, really good looking.
  • We believe dinner without wine is like a day without sunshine.
  • We believe in that old-time rock n’ roll.

  • Want it? Get it!

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