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Be Ready for Easter Photos With Virtail

Thanks Virtail for sending over this Value Set in time for Easter.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friends, I have lots of hair. Every time I head to the salon, I hear about how much my hair has grown, how thick it is, etc. If I wait too long for a regular trim, it becomes a completed mess. Lots of hair is definitely better than thin hair, but sometimes I do wish it was more manageable and didn't have a mind of its own. I've used plenty of beauty products over the years to make my hair stay curly, stay flat, not frizz. I've tried most products and services out there (even a keratin treatment once!). 

It can be hard to find beauty products that work for our own personal hair, scalp, and skin types AND fit into our own styles and personalities plus our budgets! I'm excited about Virtail, an online e-commerce business that brings all sorts of lifestyle, beauty, and personal care products under one umbrella. 

Clean, untamed and Frizzy-- and today is a low humdity day!

Virtail has skincare (both facial and body), hair care and accessories, and even lifestyle care (think home goods and even tea!). 

1.5 Inch Flat Iron in Pink Blossom Fusion

Virtail has a great line of blow dryers, irons, and curlers. I'm excited to try out the Herstyler Value Set. This set contains a 1.25 pink blossom fusion ceramic flat iron, a hairstyling easy comb, and Herstyler Hair repair serum. 

This is the perfect set for anyone to great ready for the upcoming Easter holidays, Mother's Day, or just a special "I want to spend time and look nice for myself" day. My Easter morning is spent making sure all the details related to Easter worship are taken care of, so I don't have a lot of time to prep my hair for this special day. In fact, sometimes, depending on how busy Holy Week is, I don't really care! 

For those of you who love family photos on Easter morning (I can guarantee that I'm lucky if I get an Easter photo of me by the Flower cross or lilies in my church attire), then Virtail is definitely for you. Virtail makes it easy to update your hair tools without spending an arm & leg that will still work wonders for your hair and cut down on time, something that is very valuable on Easter Morning! 

The easy comb is meant to be used with any flat iron. It's heat-resistant and anti-static. It's supposed to help prevent frizz while you are styling and creating that look you desire. This comb has two parts.. a straight edge and the comb piece to help separate hair in order to make sure all the strands are covered by the iron.  For those of us with thick hair, this is super helpful so that we can separate and make sure all is ironed out. 

Anti-Frizz Styling Comb to be used with Flat Iron

The Hair Serum is to be used on damp hair before styling begins. It's meant to make hair shine and have gloss, but not to have that oily greasy look. It's supposed to help with split ends and prevent fluffiness.  It is meant to create that soft look that I only achieve when I visit the salon. 

The Hairstyler 1.5 inch flat iron comes in various designs to suit your personality. The flat iron heats up 180 degrees to 450 degrees. This is super helpful for all hair textures and weight! As always with flat irons, the smaller the section is, the straighter the hair will be. This particular flat iron uses negative ion energy to combat frizz and help prevent heat damage. 

As you can see, I need to separate out sections of my hair in order to get it at its straightest. I divided my hair into a couple of sections using elastics. I don't have any clips and I really need to invest in some because that would be so helpful! The iron is very easy to use. Its cord is long enough to give some length when moving between arms, and it's easy to grip. 

This flat iron features flexible floating plates. Not familiar with this technology (because all of my hairstyling gadgets are decades old), I did a quick google search. The flat iron plates are attached with spring action, allowing the two sides to clamp together as close as possible, depending on the angle and texture/ thickness of the hair being strengthened. The hair becomes straighter as more heat is applied in a quicker fashion. 

Plates don't "detach" as one might imagine, but rather have a design that allows them to move as the iron moves. This means that the iron doesn't get caught in long thick hair as much! It also cuts down on the styling time, which is a big bonus for me! 

The comb can be used both before (to help separate sections) and after (to glide over sections and help prevent tangles/ frizz). It's an easy tool that I absolutely love using along with this iron. It adds extra help as we try to hold the section and iron at the same time! 

Just a little bit of hair serum is needed on damp hair! 

The Hair Serum not only added shine but also helped to prevent frazzles and tangles. As you can see, I still have some frizz, but that's to be expected because of my hair type! Very seldom does even a professional get my hair flat or curly without some frizzes! 

Straightened as much as my hair will get today! 

I would absolutely recommend Virtail to grab your haircare needs this Easter season! The time spent on your hairstyling will be cut down, and you will love the look when you are finished. Also, if you don't get your hair wet, your style will last for a couple of days too! 

This is a bonus for those of us who have less time to get ready on Easter morning! 

Be family photo ready on Easter Day with Virtail and grab your newest haircare or beauty solutions today! 

Want it? Get it! 

Find your favorite Virtail Hair Care & More this Easter! 

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Have you thought about your Easter look yet? 

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