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Treat Your Family to These Heart Shaped Meals This Valentine's Day!

Not sure how to make Valentine's Day special for your family? Here is how I make our meals fun on this day celebrating love.

I mentioned last week that my husband and I usually celebrate Valentine's on a day that is not the 14th because I don't like to fight the crowds of lovebirds getting supper. That being said, we usually just spend time with our kids (ages 4 and 6) on Valentine's Day and make it a family celebration. Here are the ways I make our meals fun. 

First, we start our day off with a Valentine's breakfast. My son's absolute favorite meal is cinnamon rolls and bacon. He can eat this for any meal of the day. He once referred the culinary pairing as an out of this world experience by exclaiming "I feel like I'm going to Heaven!" To make it fun, I love to make shapes out of cinnamon rolls for various holidays - bunnies for Easter, trees for Christmas, clovers for St. Patricks day, and hearts for Valentine's Day. 

I know your mama told you at some point in your childhood to not play with your food, but to get these shapes you're going to have to play around a bit. 

You'll want to get the cinnamon rolls that are rolled up, not the biscuit type. I get the off brand because those are usually true "rolls".  For hearts, you'll want to unroll the cinnamon roll, but leave the center swirl for one half of the heart, you'll then match the swirl on the end that is now unrolled. so you'll have something that looks like this:

After you have two swirls, pinch the bottom to form your heart. When you have all of your hearts lined out on your baking sheet, bake in the oven as directed on the packaging. 

Something so fun for everyone, yet so simple! Unsure of how it would turn out, I tried my hand at also shaping their bacon into a heart and to my surprise it was a success! My son was so excited when I brought his breakfast out to him this morning. He kept saying "Mommy! How did you make my bacon in the shape of a heart? This is so cool!"

For lunch I packed my littles heart shaped chicken nuggets from Tyson and for supper we will be having heart shaped pizza, both of which I got from Aldi. I love seeing their faces light up with these fun Valentine's themed foods. It makes my mama heart happy.

Can't find Valentine's themed food at your local grocery store? Try a pizza place near you! Many restaurants like Marcos and Papa John's offer heart shaped pizza for your family Valentine's day celebration.

I hope you have a fun filled Valentine's Day with the ones you love! Comment to let me know if you try your hand at these cinnamon rolls!

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