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Things to Do with Kids in Kandy, Sri Lanka



Kandy, smack in the middle of the island of Sri Lanka, offers much to discover. Rice terraces, forests, a gorgeous lake and historic colonial architecture. It’s a whole other world from that of the tropical beach cities on the coast like Negombo or Uduthurai. Coming here with the kids will be a holiday made of memories.

There are so many villas in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Make this holiday something truly stress-free. No need to plan how to get from the airport or to your next destination or what to do while there. The Villa manager will be able to arrange a car service, reservations, tickets, tours and anything else you need. Even stock the refrigerator or have a private chef waiting for you. If you can dream it they can do it. 

When you get to your private luxury villa you will be blown away by the serenity of the space, modern design meets tasteful cozy decor. Everyone gets their own room, so there will be peace in the house. Imagine waking up early, the house is quiet and calm, and you float down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and enjoy it in the outdoor dining room overlooking a stunning view. Later in the afternoon after everyone has had lunch and explored the beautiful city a bit you all return for a pool party by the private pool and splash the afternoon away. It’s a dream come true.


The ten days of Esala Perahera

If you like a celebration then the ten days of Esala Perahera is for you. The final, on the tenth night, is the most spectacular and one hundred percent kid friendly. Under the full moon during the month of Esala. That’s late July or early August for us. The festivities take place at the sound of the cannon fire from the tooth temple at eight in the evening. 

Thousands of dancers and seventy elephants parade down the street both dressed in colorful robes and lights. They are encompassed by artful fire throwers, skillful stilt walkers, and talented whip crackers. 

Royalty and dignitaries come from all over to witness the festivities. The entire island is a buzz for this celebration and you can feel the energy everywhere you go leading up to the parade. It truly is the most spectacular show in Sri Lankan history.

A ticket for a nice chair in the stands costs about fifteen thousand IKR. It’s far better than standing along the road in the sardined crowd. Be sure to bring snacks and water as moving from here is difficult.


The Royal Botanical Gardens 

The Royal Botanical Gardens are a sight to behold. Kids will love the flowers and meandering paths. Until recently these gardens were only for royalty but the city has opened them up to tourism. Huge plants and Javan willow trees line the paths. Stop by the beautiful Great Lawn for a perfect pique nique time rest. There is also a cafe to recharge before continuing on. Even monkeys enjoy spending time in the park as they congregate near the river. The entrance fees run around one thousand five hundred IKR for adults and seven hundred fifty IKR for kids. Your villa will arrange a ride to the gardens as they are a short ride outside of the city.


Temple Lake

The lake next to the Temple of the Tooth is in the heart of the city, you can’t miss it. The focal point of the city. It is a pleasant break from the heat of the streets. Great to people-watch and just wind down after the hustle of traffic in the city. Feed the fish and marvel at the giant floating lotus flowers before continuing on with your day.


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