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Send A Card To A Friend Day

Today is Send A Card To A Friend Day!

Did you know this day existed? I have to admit, I used to be much better about sending "snail mail" and loved brightening someone's day by sending a letter or card in the mail. In recent years, the "just because" letters and cards have dwindled and I hate that!

This is a great reminder to me. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought about ten cards for $5. This is $5 well spent, if you ask me. I bought some Valentine's Day cards and some not. My commitment is that I will send them. I'm guilty of purchasing cards and accidentally holding onto them because I forget I bought them!

Well, this time I'm going to send them. You can get your kids in on the action too and have them write out the addresses to practice the proper way to address a card. This is a necessary skill that isn't taught in school. Happy mailing, friends!



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