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Salt & Sweet Treats from Johnson's Popcorn


Many thanks to Johnson's Popcorn for sending us a Valentine's Day tin full of caramel goodness in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Did you know that the original Valentine's Day was not about romantic love, special treats, and pink hearts? Originally created to honor two saints that had absolutely NOTHING to do with chocolate and love, this day didn't have any commercial attachments until the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382. Fast-forward several hundred years to the Victorian era. During that time, society attached Valentine's Day with courtly romantic love. A man named Richard Cadbury, of Cadbury Chocolates, decided he must capitalize on this era and developed chocolates solely for Valentine's Day. Thus, the first Valentine's Day treats were born!

Today, Valentine's Day treats expanded beyond chocolate. There are many different types of food gifts that can be Valentine's Day gifts, like Johnson's Popcorn tins & baskets! 

Johnson's Popcorn, a Jersey Boardwalk staple of Ocean City, is delicious, filling, and flavorful! Created in 1940, this company has grown from its original caramel flavor to include specialty popcorn flavors like peanut crunch, cheddar cheese, and chocolate drizzle. 

This year, Johnson's is offering several types of Valentine's Day treats. Tins filled with chocolate covered pretzels, mixed nuts, and caramels would make excellent gifts for the foodie who loves sugary goodness. 

The sugary goodness continues with the special Johnson's Valentine's Day Gift Basket. This basket arrives with 1 10 oz Caramel popcorn tub, 1 10 oz Chocolate Drizzle popcorn tub, 1 3 oz Valentine's Day gummies, and 1 3 oz Valentine's Day nonpareils (candies/cookies sprinkled in decorative toppings). The entire basket is wrapped in cellophane. 

For a more traditional Johnson's approach, caramel popcorn is the best! Popcorn is air popped and hand blended with a special caramel sauce by hand in a kettle. This best-selling popcorn flavor is the OG to Johnson's. You won't regret this purchase! 

The Johnson's 1 Gallon Heartwarming Tin can be filled with this sugary sweet caramel popcorn, or you can pick your own flavor: butter, cheddar cheese, chocolate drizzle, peanut crunch, salty n sandy (caramel & cheddar mixed) and Platinum (caramel and peanut crunch mixed). The reusable gallon tin is covered in a beautiful heart print! This tin would make the perfect gift for any popcorn lover!

I was able to test out the Heartwarming Tin. I absolutely love the design, and I'm sure that I'll find ways to use the tin post popcorn. I also love the fact that a carrying handle is attached. Sometimes those tins can be hard to hold when there is no handle. The tin was filled with caramel popcorn, one of my favorites, inside of a twist tied plastic bag. I think this helps the popcorn stay fresh in case the tin seal snaps off by accident. 

Now, we know that all the popcorn companies up and down the coastal boardwalks compete against each other for the longest running and best-selling treats. My favorite Maryland based popcorn company only has a couple of years on Johnson's as it's all about when the boardwalks and shorelines were developed. While that company will always be near and dear to my heart, Johnson's Popcorn is absolutely amazing!

I've had Johnson's caramel popcorn before receiving this tin, and it's great! Its texture is so flavorful, and it contains the perfect amount of the sugary concoction mixed with the saltiness of air popped popcorn. Even if you have never been to the Jersey shore, Johnson's will bring a bit of nostalgia to your home so that you think you are basking in the warmth of the sun with the ocean breeze in the background. 

This Valentine's Day, no matter whether you are stuck in a frozen tundra or the sun has emerged to bring warmth to your soul, check out Johnson's Popcorn for a great treat! Johnson's has treats available year round that can be shipped to your door. There are several tin sizes and other treats available too. In fact, you could always grab the gift basket containing their famous caramel sauce and make lots of treats in your own kitchen.

Thanks to Johnson's Popcorn for participating in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide this year. Head over to MBP to view more gift ideas to share love with those close to you.

Want it? Get it! 

You don't have to head to the Jersey Shore to purchase Johnson's Popcorn. Ship directly to your home!

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