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Our Love Story

Fairy tales often lead people to believe in happily ever after.  I never believed I'm that. I wanted it, but with a history of rocky relationships I doubted it was in the cards for me.  It's true when they say you fall in love when you aren't looking or expecting it. 

I met Chris in October of 2000; I had just confirmed I was pregnant with E and his father left the picture. To say that the timing was off is an understatement. There was something about the way he spoke to me. He was flirty but respectful. 

 He was a security guard where I worked, and he asked me to go out with him sometime.  I'd only ever dated people I went to school with, and he was a stranger, I had a girlfriend come with me to chaperone and keep me safe. We watched movies at the firehouse he volunteered for and the more we talked the more I was interested. 

I was still newly pregnant and hormones being what they are, I am sure I was not the best company. I was easily annoyed and kind of mean when I was pregnant.  It's been 23 years and I am finally owning up to that. Poor guy was told I was craving donuts and he purchased one of every kind just to make me happy. 

Our relationship was purely friendship in 2000 and we moved on in our lives.  We didn't speak for 7 years.  It was the time of social media infancy, and I get a message from him on Myspace.  We met up for a coffee and some catching up.  It was like we had never been apart.  When he asked me officially to be his girlfriend, I will never forget the words he spoke.  "I'd rather be hurt by you than to not have the chance to love you".  We have been together ever since.  

Today is National Promise Day.  All those years ago he promised to love me through everything, and he has.   It's not always sunshine and rainbows, but our love story continues 23 years after we met.  A new chapter built every day. 

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