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National Almond Day: Top 5 Facts about Almonds


Have you heard of National Almond day before? Until this week, neither had I. I decided to do some digging and see what I could find out about almonds. Most of us probably don't think about almonds (or cashews) or any type of nut unless we have allergies, but recently, I've seen more and more about almonds!

We don't know how National Almond Day was created. I'm assuming some lovers of almonds (potentially working at a famous brand to promote their almonds) banded together and declared February 16th as their day. 

Here are some interesting facts about almonds: 

1) Almonds first appeared in the United States during the 1700's. It's believed that Franciscan Padres brought them from Spain via a trade ship. 

2) Almonds are mentioned in the Bible! Almond trees were (and still are) abundant in Syria and Palestine. There is a lot of symbolism in both Judaism and Christianity related to almonds. 

3) A serving of almonds is about one ounce (or 23 almonds). One serving of almonds contains many health benefits. This includes heart disease prevention, weight management, skin & hair benefits, and blood pressure!

4) California is now one of the leading exports in almond growth and manufacturing. 100% of almonds produced in the USA come from California! This means that they are the state's most valuable export crop. 

5) Almonds can be eaten and used in a variety of ways. Almond Flour, Almond Milk, Almond butters or pastes are just a few ways to indulge. Of course, you can also use almonds in skincare and beauty products too! There are friends and family in my life who love almond milk because they need to be lactose free. 

I love using almond flour for cakes, macrons, and other products as well! Yes- I've actually attempted to make macrons! They are hard to make and hard to set, but if you want to get your creativity on, here is a recipe I've attempted before! 

How do you eat/ use almonds in your daily life? Or do you at all?

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