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Medium Dark Roast Espresso from Kahawa 1893 Coffee Will Start Your Day Off Right

Kahawa 1893 Espresso is a traditional medium dark roast with a modern flair. It has been such a great start to our day!

This amazing espresso is roasted medium-dark for a fuller body and sweet caramelized sugars that complement milk or milk alternatives. Serve on its own or as part of an espresso-based beverage like a cappuccino or latte. 

We drink coffee in many ways here at our house! The Kahawa 1893 Espresso has an amazing flavor with tasting notes of dark chocolate and almonds adding richness to my daily latte. It comes in whole bean only so you can grind it for use in your equipment used to create your perfect cuppa joe.

Want it? Get it!

Check out Kahawa's variety of coffees so you can start your day right by making a purchase from their website!

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