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KLOVEO Champagne Stopper Keeps Your Bubbly Ready to Drink

The KLOVEO has a unique self-tightening seal and authentic Italian manufacturing, Many Champagne Bars across the world consider WAF Champagne Stoppers the only Professional Champagne Stopper worth using. While pressure pump bottle stoppers oxidize the taste of your bubbly, the WAF stopper keeps CO2 in the liquid so it is fizzy to the last drop!

KLOVEO’s BPA and Phthalate Free seal uses a simple but brilliant physics principle (Pascal's Law). As pressure builds inside the bottle, the plastic nipple expands outward, creating a ‘bubble-tight’ seal. Lay your bottle flat, or stand it upright and the seal works the same.

The shape of the bottle can be anything - if the neck is a standard 750ml Champagne or Sparkling Wine bottleneck, then this Champagne preserver will fit. It can be used for Prosecco, Cava, some Magnum and 187ml bottles, and many large format beer or cider bottles.

I love sparkly beverages and enjoy drinking Moscato D’Asti for celebrations. Usually, I cannot finish a bottle and wind up wasting some of my bottles. The KLOVEO stopper is easy to use. All you have to do is press the cap down so the seal begins doing its job, then lock it with the stainless steel safety clip. It’s also easy to release. This stopper has been a great tool for saving the leftover so I can enjoy every drop!

It is made In Italy and is patented by Italian inventor Walter Fortunato (WAF) and manufactured in Italy. It’s the only stopper with a self-tightening seal and an easy-release clip. And while some people say it provides the perfect fizz for up to two weeks, KLOVEO says 3-5 days max. 

Want it? Get it!

Check out KLOVEO's Champagne Stopper and purchase yours today from their Amazon store!


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