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It's Cookie Season!

 It's that time of year, Girl Scout Cookie time!! While I was never in the Girl Scouts, I have always enjoyed their cookies. What I'm even more excited about, is the fact that you can buy them online now and still support local Girl Scouts. So in anticipation of those yummy cookies, I thought I'd list my top three favorite cookies. 

Coming in Third is S'mores

I wasn't too sure about these when they first came out, but after trying them, I was sold! These remind me of the Keebler E.L.Fudge cookies, and are a lot less messy than a regular s'more. 

Coming in Second is Thin Mints.

Listen, I could eat the entire sleeve of these in one setting, and don't you dare judge me if I do! 

In First Place, we have Samoas!

I feel like people either love or hate samoas, and clearly, I love them! I love the richness of the chocolate mixed with caramel and coconut. They taste like a macaroon and a german chocolate cake had a cookie baby, lol. 

What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? 

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