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I Can Buy Myself Flowers and So Can You


It shouldn't take a hit song by Miley Cyrus to remind me that I can and should buy myself flowers, but it did... and I listened.
More importantly, I bought them for myself and my girls, when we were grocery shopping together. My oldest daughter asked what the flowers were for, and I simply replied 'they're for us.' It wasn't a special occasion, so she seemed confused that we'd be buying flowers for no reason. 'We don't have to have a reason,' I said. 'I love myself, and I love you girls, so let's celebrate that with some pretty flowers.'

Instilling self-love in my girls is important to me. I love my husband, and show it, especially to my children. I tell them how much I love their dad all the time. I want and need them to know, however, that they don't 'need' a partner to feel worthy. Showing ourselves love matters- speaking kindly, showing grace, being proud of accomplishments, and treating ourselves more than every now and then. I want them to know that they can take on the world and stand on their own two feet and that I believe in them, and will always be there to support their decisions.

I have started incorporating journaling into my daily activities, and love the ways I am prompted to think about all the good things in my life. It helps me stay positive when I am feeling low.

Daily affirmations have also been a huge help in shifting my focus back to myself when I am weary from caring for everyone else.

I encourage you to buy yourself flowers, coffee, a new outfit, a new car, or whatever makes you feel good. Maybe it's nothing- maybe you just need to give yourself space and time, or spend time with friends. Whatever it is, please friend, do it. You matter. Your health and wellness should be a priority. 

What are you doing to show yourself a little love this week? Drop a comment here or on our socials so we can chat about it.

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