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DIY Valentine's Day Treat Box


Do you need a last-minute gift for Valentine's Day? You'll love this easy and fun Valentine's Day Treat Box!

I love putting together Valentine's Day gifts for my family and usually wind up buying lots of little things to avoid giving my kids candy. They always love their Valentine's Day gifts but miss the candy element. This year, I wanted to do something on the small scale, but still, make sure that I was giving each kiddo something fun.

We're living with in-laws while we renovate our house, so there's not a lot of extra room for more toys, books, clothes, etc. With charcuterie boards being all the rage right now, I thought about creating a kid-friendly board that could be stored, and would keep the consumables separate from each other... because you know how kids love when food touches other food, right?

These awesome craft boxes can be used for all kinds of things!

I grabbed a couple of plastic craft storage boxes from Hobby Lobby. I found them in the beading aisle. They were $2.99 each. From there, I went to the sticker aisle and found a couple of sheets of glittery letter stickers. I wanted to be able to personalize the boxes with each child's name.

These little items were perfect for filling the boxes.

I ran to my local Dollar Tree (I know, now the $1.25 and more store, LOL!), and grabbed a few bags and boxes of candies I knew my kids would go crazy over (because I almost never let them have candy), and a couple of little extras. I also took out some cash to add to the boxes.

When I got home with my goodies, I couldn't wait to put the boxes together! I removed the price stickers from the lids of the boxes, and then washed and dried each box. Once dry, I added the glitter stickers to the outside of each box lid to personalize the boxes with each child's name.

Personalizing each box with the child's name and adding a themed ribbon makes it extra special!

Next, I added the candies and treats to the little squares inside the boxes. I made sure to make them the same, so my kids didn't have anything to argue or complain about. I tried to choose a lot of red and pink candies like Starburst (pinks only), Twizzlers, Lindt truffles in red wrappers (Lindt lovers know those are the milk chocolate truffles), bubble gum, etc. I also added a few fun candies like Reeses Pieces, Nerds, and chocolate coins, and I even splurged on Albanese gummy bears (because they're the best, in my opinion). I added Smarties and Tic-Tacs, a few heart-shaped hair dudes, and left a couple of slots open to add $5.00 bills to. I'll add those last, right before giving the boxes to the kids. 

I had the best time making these adorable treat boxes for my loves!

I grabbed a spool of Valentine's Day-themed ribbon to tie around each box, and also purchased a card for each kiddo. I think the boxes turned out so darn cute! I can't wait to give these to my kids for Valentine's Day!

Finished box, sans the cash I'll add later.

I love the way these turned out! I can think of so many fun ways to create boxes like this for parties, holidays, and gifts! I can't wait to make more of these.

What do you think of these custom boxes? 

Who would you like to personalize a treat box like this for?

Hoping you'll give this fun gift idea a try!

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