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5 Ways To Bond With Your Dog

You've adopted a brand new pup and you want to form a deep, bonded relationship with your new pet. Check out a few ways that worked for my dog and I. 

1. Train/Play

Ok, this is self-explanatory, I know. However, training is wearing. You'll become worn out and maybe even discouraged when your young OR older dog isn't responding well to your efforts to train. Don't give up. Stay consistent with your training and know that in time, all of your work will pay off.  Training sessions create a mutual respect that you simply cannot achieve any other way, in my opinion. If you're able, have various members of the family participate in training. Some great points to work on with your new pup are: sit, stay and place. Start there and research YouTube videos on best training methods. Before you know it, you'll see results!

Playtime is everything! Not only does it wear your pup out, it also helps you to bond. Play and exercise are vital parts of dog ownership. A worn out dog is going to comply and be much less destructive in your home! 

2. Hand Feed

Literally being the hand that feeds your pup creates a dependency upon you for sustenance and thus a trust between you and your pup. This will not be how you always feed your dog, but it's a great practice, especially with young pups and can help with other training techniques as well.

3. Walk

Take your pup on a walk daily, if you can. Make sure your walk is not chaotic with pulling and reactivity. A structured walk takes time to teach and if you're not there yet, do not be discouraged. Our girl did not properly learn a structured walk until she was 8/9 months old. That may seem late, but she was stubborn and reactive. The gentle leader became our very best friend when it came to walking tools. 

4. Eye Contact

It helps you form a connection with a human, doesn't it? Some dog breeds are more keen on making eye contact than others. Give it a try and watch how your dog responds. My Doberman gets very excited by eye contact because her breed naturally looks for the eye to discern the mood and vibe of her surrounding. 

5. Ride Along

If you're able, try taking your pup with you for a ride or better yet, on vacation! Experiencing new things together is an amazing way to bond. Some pups require some training to be able to ride happily in a vehicle. Would you believe the dog in this picture was terrified of vehicles at one point and would run from an opened car door. We slowly worked with her to desensitize her to jumping in the car and now she hops right in. 

Remember, your new pup wants to bond with you. He or she needs direction in how to do so. Dogs are simple in that they require exercise, structure and consistency in order to thrive. Doing one or all of these five things every once in a while may not help to create the bond you desire with your dog, but if you do so consistently, you'll see that relationship flourish. 

My girl knows me to my core and we are bonded in a very special way. When you experience this type of bond in your life, it's one of the most beautiful experiences once could imagine!



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