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5 Things In My Carry-On


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Today, I'm jetting across the country for an annual continuing education conference. I'll be spending the weekend with lots of youth ministry leader friends from across the country, many of whom I haven't seen since last year's conference! These events are always a good time, but I tell you, I dread the "travel" part now! I love seeing new places and new cultures, but the getting there wears me out. With all the flight drama since Christmas, I'm even more nervous, and there was another big ice storm this week throwing things off course!

So, I need to make sure my carry on is prepared in case my luggage doesn't make it. I'm gone slightly too long to pack everything in a carry-on, plus I hate vying for space (and I have trouble reaching the overhead bins with my short height). I'm also flying southwest (even amid all the latest travel woes), so want to take advantage of that free luggage!

So, the top 5 things I'll make sure that I have in my carry on are:

1) Meds. There is only one med I need daily, but I always make sure to have them on me rather than packed. I see far too many posts about lost luggage with needed meds. Y'all, always carry on your meds on you. Also, I get motion sickness easy too, so I always have some of that on me! 

2) Phone Charger. A necessity, right? For most of us, our phones are lifelines. They hold boarding passes, apps to schedule ride-shares, locations and maps, and hotel check-in info. Being stranded with no charger is the worst!

3) Eye Wear: I wear contacts daily, but always make sure to have my prescription glasses (& sunglasses). I usually throw in a mini contact solution and re-wetting drops too, because airplane air dries out the eyes!

4) Empty Water Bottle & Snack: Airport drinks and foods are expensive! Take an empty water bottle through the scanner and refill at the nearest water station. (Remember, TSA won't let you take filled liquids unless you meet certain guidelines regarding formula/infant care or elder care). 

5) An extra change of clothing: There is nothing worse than arriving to your final airport designation to be told your luggage didn't make it. I have learned to at least throw in an extra pair of underclothing and a shirt.. I can always re-wear jeans or other bottoms! 

I dislike a bulky carry-on, so I do try to be minimalist when possible. Some other items I take include electronics like kindle/ laptop, pens & notepad, chapstick, hand lotion, & I make sure to have some cash along with cards! 

For those of you with children, I know those carry on's are filled differently, so share with us your tips about airplane travel! 

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