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Tidbits Meringues: Sweet but Natural Valentine's Treats


Thanks to Tidbits for sending these flavorful meringues over in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own! 

Do you find it difficult to make it through holiday's that are surrounded by sweet treats, sugar, and processed goodies? In modern society, we don't often think about the feast of Saint Valentine on this day of love. Instead, we think about the abundance of heart shaped chocolate boxes, amazing dinners and desserts out with loved ones, and how our bodies will react to all of that sugar! It's even harder if you are a person with dietary restrictions, right?

Only six weeks into the new year, Valentine's Day can make it hard for those with New Year's resolutions to stay on track as well! Well, Tidbits Meringues are here to help you offer a different type of sweet treat to your loved ones rather than that store bought boxed chocolate!

Tidbits Meringues are made with the intention that we won't worry about what we eat, but rather will enjoy it! For those of us who love our guilty pleasures, like Girl scout Cookies, but can't stop eating until the entire box is gone, then Tidbits Meringues are definitely for us. Or perhaps, you might be diabetic, sugar-free, or free of gluten, dairy, and other harsh chemicals?

Tidbits meringues allow us to have the chance to be guilty free while enjoying a nice sweet snack! There are a few lines available: regular, diabetic, & keto. No matter the type, all Tidbits Meringues are soy, dairy, sugar and gluten-free as well as free from HFCS and GMO's. These small meringues are made with egg whites, rice flour, maltitol, cream of tartar, agave sugar, salt, and natural flavoring. 

Currently, there are 9 different flavors to choose from. Classics like Strawberry and Vanilla, specials like Cookies & Cream, and new flavors such as Cotton Candy will entice your taste buds this Valentine's Day! 

Each Tidbits serving is about 10 meringues, which equals to about 15 calories in the regular line. To put it into perspective, 5 packages of Tidbits equals to the amount of calories in 1 donut! There are about 4 servings in a resealable bag, but these treats are satiable and filling to make you not want to eat the entire bag. Unlike our cookie and candy counterparts, I think the lack of sugar helps our taste buds and tummies recognize when we are filled, faster. 

If you have never had a meringue before, you might not like the consistency. Sometimes, egg whites aren't the most flavorful product available, even when whipped. These are small enough and crunchy enough to make a great treat for those who love the classic meringue flavor without the sugar! Meringues are made to crack and crunch when one bites into them. If they are soft and chewy, they have either gone bad or haven't set well. If you aren't into the meringue treats, you might think they lack taste.

I tried out the Cookies & Cream flavor for something different. I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical. How in the world can the classic cookie with the crème based center end up in a tiny meringue? I don't know how they did it, but Tidbits is on point with this flavor! It's more prominent on the front end rather than the aftertaste of the snack, but it's definitely there.

My next try was a classic flavor of strawberry. I have always loved fresh strawberries, strawberry ice cream, strawberry popsicles, strawberry lollipops, etc. Over the years, I think the only strawberry thing I've found disgusting is starbursts.

At any rate, I absolutely love this flavor for tidbits. It is a good strong flavor but isn't overpowering and doesn't have that "artificial" taste that products sometimes can when fresh ingredients aren't used. I would definitely recommend!

This Valentine's Day, be sure to get a treat that everyone can enjoy. Flavorful snacks that are only 2 calories each per piece are definitely hard to come by! No matter whether you are trying to stay on point with your goals, can't eat regular chocolate, or just want something different; Tidbits Meringues make a great Valentine's Day snack/ treat for all in the family to enjoy!

Thanks to Tidbits Meringues for being featured in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide. For more great ideas, head over to Mommy's Block Party! 

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