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Sweets for the Sweet with The Original Crumbs Bakeshop


Thanks to The Original Crumbs Bakeshop for sending out the 12 pack Best sellers! This post contains affiliate links. We will be compensated when you order from our links. 

Come jump with me into my time machine and let us return to the summer of 2000. I was entering my senior year of high school. I can tell you that I was more into hanging out with my friends, picking colleges, and enjoying the summer life of coastal Maryland over observing trends that were sweeping across the nation due to media and TV. 

The 2000 Season 3, Episode 5 of TV show Sex and the City sparked a cupcake revolution that, while it has ebbed and flowed over the past two decades, still exists today. After the iconic scene of Carrie Bradshaw eating a cupcake in Magnolia's Bakery, the cupcake industry took off, especially in New York. Many bakeries added or developed products based on the cupcake boom. 

Two Devil's Food

The Original Crumbs Bakeshop was one of those bakeries that developed in the early 2000s due to the cupcake boom. After a successful run, the company was sold in 2012 and all brick & mortar stores closed down in 2016. Recently, original owners Jason & Mia Bauer have decided to bring back The Original Crumbs Bakeshop! Currently, the bakeshop is online only. Nationwide shipping allows customers to receive a great selection of flavorful cupcakes and a brand-new line of cookies directly to their doors. 

For those of you who have followed my writing, you know that I love getting into the kitchen and baking myself. But I must admit that cupcakes are not my forte. There is a delicate art to creating and baking cupcake mixtures so that the cupcake turns out flavorful. Over baking and over whipping batter causes dry hard cupcakes, which no one wants to eat. Creating frosting is a delicate art too; one that can be difficult in southern humidity!

Two Red Velvet

When Crumbs reached out to MBP, my sweet tooth was activated, and I knew I wanted.. nay..needed..to try these delicious products! While I've been attempting to eat healthier, my brain and stomach cannot refuse a good sweet treat, especially as we head towards Valentine's Day!

I was sent over the Best seller 12 pack of cupcakes. The original size cupcake is HUGE, as part of the cupcake craze included jumbo sized cupcakes. I'll definitely be sharing with friends because all of this sweet goodness doesn't need to go directly to my waistline. 

The 12 pack includes:

  • Two Red Velvet
  • Two Cookies and Cream
  • Two Raspberry Swirl
  • Two Devil's Food
  • Two Vanilla Sprinkle
  • Two Cotton Candy
My cupcakes arrived inside a box, packaged by flavor in two's. That box was placed inside a larger box with biodegradable foam and cooling packs. I was pleasantly surprised to see that no cupcakes were damaged in shipping as Crumbs packed them in tight! 

Far Back Right- Cookies & Cream, Far Left- Devils Food, Front Right- Vanilla Sprinkle, Front Left- Cotton Candy

After doing some research, as it was not on the included card, I determined that if one is to not eat all the cupcakes on the same day, they should be either refrigerated or frozen. Frozen cupcakes supposedly are good to go in the packaging they arrived in, but you know you can use your best judgement on that!

So, of course, though we are still a few weeks from Valentine's Day, I immediately had to try a sweet treat, even though it was the middle of the day! I picked a Cotton Candy cupcake to dive into. I told myself that because it was so large, I was only going to eat half of it. Yet, that thought only last about 15 minutes because before I knew it, the entire jumbo cupcake was devoured. Yes, I really do have a sweet tooth!

Getting ready to check out the Cotton Candy! Each box has a label!

The Cotton Candy cupcake has a vanilla cake base, a vanilla cream cheese frosting, and a cotton candy crunchy coating on top. The cake base was delicious. I was afraid that due to shipping and all, it would be dried out, because items are their best at peak baking, right? Nope, no worries there. It was not dry at all! The balance of icing to cake was perfect.. and while the crunchy coating made a mess, it gave off the right flavorful topping to the cupcake! 

Devouring the Cotton Candy Cupcake! I did stop at one though! 

I was definitely impressed when I checked out some of the other cupcakes too. They look absolutely amazing and delicious! Each cupcake is made with love and great ingredients! For those with dietary restrictions, while the cupcakes are nut-free, the facility is not. There are no gluten-free options, but be sure to check out the website for more information. 

This Valentine's Day, skip the store bought chocolate and bring a treat in that will please the entire family! Jumbo cupcakes from The Original Crumbs Bakery are unique, are tasty, and offer a wonderful way to celebrate together! Because these cupcakes (and cookies) are so shippable, you can share love with anyone in your circle, even if they don't live near you!

Many thanks to the Original Crumbs Bakeshop for their willingness to be included in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide! For great Valentine's Day inspiration, head over to MBP! 

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite The Original Crumbs Bakeshop cupcake or cookies for Valentine's Day! 

Delivery is via FedEX so be sure to calculate shipping time in to get your cupcakes in time for Valentine's Day

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