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My Favorite Unnecessary Supplements

I would consider everything I take to be necessary, but can I function without them? Sure. Do I want to? Nope.

First on the list is anything that contains lemon balm and for this purpose, I chose the Olly Goodbye Stress Gummy.

My amazing friend shared with me about the benefits of lemon balm so my husband and I will be growing this plant in our garden this Spring! It helps to lower anxiety as well as provide immune boosting protection against seasonal viruses. This is a win for everyone's "medicine" cabinet!

I personally believe this benefits women immensely. It isn't necessary to live but it can really help with gastrointestinal and vaginal health. These two areas of the body are often forgotten for women and can sometimes carry with them a host of troublesome issues. This is the product that I personally use but there are many great options on the market.

Tea may not be considered a supplement but I believe it to be so. Everyone needs some help now and then to get things moving. If you are looking for a natural remedy that provides gentle relief, I highly recommend this tea. It's natural and delicious, to boot.

Ladies, if you're not taking a B vitamin supplement, maybe ask your doctor about it. Many of us are deficient and do not even know it. It's a great idea to have a vitamin panel lab done with your primary doctor. Many of the vitamin deficiencies we have are not checked in typical yearly labs. I specifically ask for vitamin D, B12, Potassium and Iron to be checked. These typically need to be requested. 

So many of us suffer with fatigue, brain fog, lacking "get up and go" and many other annoying ailments that make regular life kind of difficult. Your body could simply be lacking a nutrient and you don't even know it. If you've been wondering, let this be your sign to get some labs drawn and have your vitamin levels checked. Ask your doctor if taking these supplements could be good for you! 

Since I started supplementing about 4 years ago, my life has changed for the better. Not only do I take supplements, but I also drink 2 protein shakes daily with protein powder, collagen powder and a banana. I wake up early with "morning energy" which seemed a mythical creature to me. I go to bed early and sleep amazingly. I would have told you that I suffered from insomnia before I started fueling my body properly. The sleep gummies above I keep in the cabinet and they get taken maybe a couple of times a year. I think they are great to have but I rarely need any help falling asleep.

If there is a supplement that you would add to the list, please share in the comments below! I'm not a doctor, of course. I can only share what I love and what works for me. I hope you'll find some healthy alternatives to typical medication that work for you too!



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