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Kindness That Came From A Stranger


Can kindness spread?

Yes. Yes, it absolutely can. Months ago, while scrolling TikTok, I landed in a live show that was hosted by a wonderful lady named, Laura, who lives in China. She was selling remarkable crystals and gem stone items that were simply stunning.

Being a jewelry creator myself using fine crystals, I fell in love with these beautiful crystals that can be found within our miraculous earth. 

During the live show, I struck up a conversation with a very kind person and we began to discuss our mutual love of these beautiful items. This conversation led to a private message from my new friend, stating that she has so many and would love to share some of her collection with me. 

Needless to say, I was shocked and admittedly a bit skeptical. How often does a complete stranger offer such a substantial gift? I soon learned this person meant what she said and wanted to give this gift of happiness to a total stranger. All I needed to do was accept the gift. While I felt unworthy of this generous gift and didn't know why she had chosen me, I felt a tug on my heart to let this person in and in doing so, received an enormous blessing.

I'm so glad I did so. Not because of the generous material gift she sent to me, but because I met a new friend along the way and have really enjoyed getting to know this person. What if I had immediately let my skepticism deter me from getting to know a stranger? 

A couple of weeks passed by and I arrived home from an outing to find a big box, filled with some of the most beautiful crystals!

My reason for sharing this story is to remind you that kindness does still exist and it may pop up when you least expect it. Keep your heart open to receiving it and in doing so, you'll surely find it. When I received this package, I was so touched that I knew I wanted to continue the kindness forward so I decided to pay for a couple of stranger's coffees at my next stop. 

I can never actually repay this person for this enormous gift that she has given me but I can pay it forward in kindness and I plan to do so in some small way, every single day. 

Have you ever received a random act of kindness from a stranger?

As this person said to me and I'll say to you, "Everyone is a stranger at first."


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