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How to Choose Cute Cardigans and Kimonos


Many people have different tastes in the dresses they wear, and they have varying body types as well. With the right kimono or cardigan, you can flatter your looks in a way that's well-suited to your skin tone, figure, and size. See more info about a cardigan on this page.

Cardigans are becoming popular in winter but choosing the best styles can take time and effort. There are simply too many of them out there, but there are cute ones that you can carry, especially if you have a longer outfit.

As for kimonos, most married and single women in these Japanese garments can wear ones with intricate designs. Some kimonos don't require the belt or "obi" but can still look luxurious. They can consist of plum blossoms, pine trees, cranes, and bamboo designs that are tailored to the dress. They also require thick paddings that will make the wearer look taller.

Selecting the Right Outfit

Know your Body Type and your Style

Regarding cardigans during the winter season, choose the attire that will look flattering on you. Get the terracotta or the floral ones that are great for any occasion. There are a lot of designs, textures, colors, and styles that you can choose from.

It's best to get cute kimonos and cardigans from the right online store so you can browse through many options. Visit Shop The Mint to see the designs and sizes that suit you best. Get one that suits the occasion, weather, and personal style, and you can always add more to the collection whenever you want to wear something different.

Consider the Sweater

If you live in colder areas, you can choose kimonos and cute floral cardigans that are made as sweaters. A good rule of thumb is to look for a fabric that would make you comfortable, depending on the weather in your area. There are classic, comfortable, and casual options, and the kimonos are very versatile. You might wear a boho-style dress, shorts, and a sleeveless top. If so, protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun or the frigid winters with the help of outerwear. Consider the climate your preference whenever you're shopping and get the right ones for your needs.

Cashmere Options

You might want to consider luxurious types, they are called cashmere. They can be made from the best and most luxurious fabrics in the world and are basic or simple. Most of them are great for cold weather, but they are lightweight at the same time. The warmth is locked into the heavy layers. See this link https://www.britannica.com/topic/cashmere to read post about cashmere.

Cashmere can be a great and stylish way of going out during the holidays, but they also come in various styles and shades. They are short or long-sleeved, and you can instantly recognize them with their cozy and ultra-soft appearance. Some shops allow you to try them on, but you can also read previous customers' descriptions and reviews if you're buying online. Pick one that will match the boots or jeans, or you can wear a specific one for a special or formal occasion. This is great for both a formal and casual-day look.

Get the Open-Fronts

Other kimonos and cardigans are made as open-fronts, and they are not the traditional Japanese styles that you might commonly see women wear. When you prioritize comfort, these are the ideal ones that might be right for you. You can get more comfortable and laid-back types, and the front is open, allowing you to wear a fun shirt or a fluffy top.

Add jewelry and some sparkle if you want to dress up, or you can dress down, especially if the weather is hot. The sparkly necklaces can be a good centerpiece if you want the open-front variety. When it's winter, you can pair them with leggings and a cami, which are great for indoor rest. You wouldn't also need to worry since the high-quality made ones will enable you to go anywhere, even if it's winter. They are not the conservative or the traditional type that covers what you wear, but the different styles and colors will allow you to match them with almost any kind of outfit that you want.

Consider the Wrap Styles

The traditional button-up is easy-to-wear and can match anything that will make you extremely comfortable regardless of your activity. You can close them with a button or a belt, and they act as a chic addition to your figure. They are more focused on the waist, and the wrap kimonos can look gorgeous and elegant. They can be paired with black jeans, or you can wear them on top of a cocktail dress. The cinched and classic features can both be worn on formal and informal occasions, so you will always go right with them.

Since you can find something to match the right cardigan or kimono, know that they can come in various colors and styles out there. The entire combination is great, and they can be paired with cocktail dresses so you can cover your arms or shoulders, especially if you're attending a garden or beach wedding. They can be more conservative for church events, or you can wear something at a professional meeting. Underneath, you can add your embellishments according to your style and taste and have fun choosing one for yourself.

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